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Are You Using This One Word to Improve Self-Awareness?

Man­agers, are you hav­ing trou­ble under­stand­ing why an employee’s work habits are dri­ving you crazy? Have you reached the point where you’ve actu­al­ly yelled at that employ­ee for no good rea­son? If so, it’s time for you to con­cen­trate on self-aware­ness.

Motivating Employees: Money Isn’t the Solution

Many employ­ers believe that mon­ey is the most effec­tive instru­ment for moti­vat­ing employ­ees. The prob­lem is that this method gets expen­sive and doesn’t work as well as pos­i­tive, non-mon­e­tary moti­va­tors. There are oth­er pos­i­tive moti­va­tors that excite many employ­ees even more than mon­ey.

Better Together: 2 Keys to Employee Engagement

"Impor­tant ques­tion to get start­ed here!" Deb Calvert said to the crowd attend­ing the Leadership+Talent Devel­op­ment Sum­mit in San Diego. "Choco­late or peanut but­ter?" Some shouts for choco­late rang out and some mum­bles for peanut but­ter were sound­ed across the room, but when a few rogue atten­dees said, "both!", Calvert's eyes lit up. "Of course it's both!" she said. "They are bet­ter togeth­er!"

Do Your Recognition Programs Have the Right Stuff?

When employ­ees do a great job, your man­agers may pub­licly praise them, and they may get a gift card or a bonus. This estab­lished pat­tern in most orga­ni­za­tions cer­tain­ly builds loy­al­ty. But your recog­ni­tion pro­grams could be doing so much more.

Seven Tips for Establishing the Boundary Between Boss and Buddy

What is the appro­pri­ate bound­ary between being a boss and being a bud­dy? Use these sev­en tips to keep your­self on the right track.

Managers: Are You Avoiding Talking to Your Employees?

You’ve got strengths and weak­ness­es – things you like work­ing on and things you’d like to nev­er have to do again. If one of the tasks you find your­self avoid­ing is talk­ing with your team mem­bers, you’ll have to address this prob­lem.

Leaders: Are You Taking the High Road?

Michelle Oba­ma famous­ly coined the phrase, “when oth­ers go low, we go high.” She was talk­ing pol­i­tics, of course. As a man­ag­er, you can put this advice to good use dur­ing times of depart­men­tal and orga­ni­za­tion­al con­flict.

Leaders: Are You Truly Present?

Few lead­ers have been able to tru­ly con­nect with and inspire peo­ple the way Bill Clin­ton does. How exact­ly does he pull this off?

What Are You Doing to Fix Your Company's Toxic Culture?

It’s easy to imag­ine that work­ers are leav­ing because they’ve been lured by a com­peti­tor with a bet­ter salary and stock option deal. The truth is far more uncom­fort­able for employ­ers to hear: employ­ees often leave because of com­pa­ny cul­ture.

What Your Salespeople Are Afraid to Tell You

She doesn’t seem like he wants to help me out,” a respon­dent said about his man­ag­er in SalesFuel’s 2017 Voice of the Sales Rep study. “He is not around when I need him or he fails to see the impor­tance of an issue I need his help to resolve.” These are direct quotes from two of the 725 sales­peo­ple Sales­Fu­el polled in Jan­u­ary 2017. And it’s what sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives are think­ing, but aren’t telling their man­agers.

How Do Managers at Your Company Show Gratitude?

As the win­ter hol­i­day sea­son approach­es, we often take a minute to reflect on what we’re grate­ful for and what we’d like to improve on in the com­ing year. Busi­ness lead­ers should also be tak­ing stock of which activ­i­ties are cre­at­ing the right cul­ture at work. On soul2​work​.com, Scott Mabry sug­gests five ways lead­ers can high­light grat­i­tude to improve the office envi­ron­ment.

Are You Guilty of This Top Management Sin?

We know you don’t mean any harm. You’re prob­a­bly try­ing to help your team mem­bers, but in the long run, you’re lim­it­ing their pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment.

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