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Warning: Do Not Leave Latinx Out of Your Client's Next Campaign

Hispanics make up almost one fifth of the entire U.S. population, according to a study by Nielsen, and this demographic is only growing in size. Not only that, the median age of Latinix consumers is 28, and this group has made up 75% of labor force growth across the country within the last six years.


Hispanic Homeownership is on the Rise

"Hispanics are experiencing the largest homeownership gains of any ethnic group in the U.S., a turnaround for the population hardest hit by the housing bust that could help buoy the market for years, reports The Wall Street Journal."

ThinkNow Says Hispanics Plan to Spend 33% More this Holiday Season

10% of the Hispanics surveyed are more likely to spend based on advertising—double the 5% of whites who find gift ideas based on marketing. ThinkNow Retail™ suggests that the adoption of mobile shopping among the total market, especially Hispanic consumers, has changed the dynamic of the consumer shopping experience, but not consumers' desire to shop. And we’ll see that theory play out this holiday shopping season, Mario X. Carrasco says.

Bilingual Hispanics Spend 20% of Dollars Online

New research by The NPD Group and Univision examines the shopping behaviors of U.S. Hispanics. Hispanic Americans — particularly those who speak Spanish on a regular basis — don‰Ûªt shop in the same way, and don‰Ûªt buy the same things, as other Americans, according to The NPD Group, a leading global information company.

Hispanic Food Shoppers to Spend $86 Billion by 2018

During the past decade the food-buying habits of Hispanics have begun to mirror those of American consumers as a whole, and U.S. marketers must be aware of various emerging trends if they seek to effectively reach the increasingly influential Latino consumer segment

Marketers Reaching Out to Spanish-Language Magazine Readers

Pew Research indicates that 37 million U.S. consumers speak Spanish. Many of these consumers aren’t comfortable reading in another language, especially English. They’re turning to Spanish-language publications in a big way and that trend is driving advertisers to spend more in this media format.

Lower Fees, Convenient Bank Access Key for Hispanic Movers

Hispanics comprise a growing part of the U.S. population, over 17%. These consumers are on the move as they seek to improve their financial and personal prospects. A new survey by TD Bank finds that Hispanics are slow to form a relationship with a financial institution when they enter a new market. Banks can connect with new residents by promoting the services that Hispanic consumers are seeking.

Hispanics’ Use of Social and Mobile Drives Local Marketer Strategy

Local advertisers are gradually increasing the budgets they allocate to social and mobile formats in order to reach today’s digital consumer. But, some audiences and demographic groups tend to use social media and connected mobile devices more heavily than others and may make more lucrative audiences when targeted through these formats. According to BIA/Kelsey, Hispanics comprise a highly active social and mobile audience.

Marketers Connecting with Hispanic Sports Fans

With all of the major sports leagues in season right now, marketers have a perfect opportunity to connect with fans of baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey. This is especially true for marketers have also been seeking ways to target Hispanics. According to Nielsen research, Hispanic men are huge sports fans and are particularly receptive to sports-related advertising and sponsorships.

Hispanic Consumers Stay Connected While on the Go

U.S. Hispanics have been on the leading edge of mobile adoption. By yearend, an estimated 25.6 million Hispanics (46.9% of this demographic group) will be using smartphones. Hispanic travelers are heavy mobile users during travel as well. Nearly 24% of U.S. Hispanic travelers “almost always” used their mobile phones to search for a hotel before traveling.

Marketers to Boost Digital Promotions Targeting Hispanics

Hispanic consumers continue to increase as a percentage of the U.S. population and in their purchasing power. It should come as no surprise that advertisers are spending more to reach these consumers. But the recent analysis performed by eMarketer on this sector reveals an interesting detail – marketers are not rushing to increase their digital spending to reach Hispanics.

Hispanics Increasingly Influence Food Consumption Trends

U.S. Hispanics have their largest meal of the day at lunch and consume more of these meals in the home than away-from-home. As a result, this large population group is influencing overall growth in the food categories they typically consume at lunch, reports The NPD Group. Rice is one example of U.S. Hispanics’ rising influence on overall consumption trends.

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