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Avoid These Mistakes When Cross/Upselling

On the surface, cross- and upselling seem easy. The person is already a customer; all you have to do is encourage them to buy more.

Hotels to Promote Their Quality Beds to Business Travelers

According to a new survey from luxury bedmaker DUX, only about one-third (34%) of Americans say they sleep better in a hotel room. The survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll for DUX from June 18–20, 2019, among 2,060 U.S. adults.

Travel Agencies Can Prevent Lodging Disasters

"According to Consumer Reports, fully 59% of travelers in a recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted for AIG Travel said they’d been on a trip that didn’t go as planned."

Hotel Bars to Cater to Travelers’ Need to Unwind

"Alcohol has long been embedded in American culture, from the bar to the home to the brew pub and beyond, reports Nielsen. When we think about how and where America will drink in the coming years, we need to consider today’s on-the-go, fragmented consumer landscape. The bedrock of travel stay is the hotel, where opportunities remain to up the ante in the alcohol industry."

Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Should Be Marketing Their Mobile Apps

"Any all-digital business can benefit from adding an app to the marketing mix," Nabeena Mali writes for AppInstitute. "But bricks-and-sticks businesses can enjoy equal – even greater – gains. With tech ever-advancing and developers getting ever more creative, this list barely scratches the surface."

51% Planning U.S. Vacations for 2015

Guests‰Ûª increasing reliance on using their smartphones during hotel stays for browsing information and streaming entertainment means that properties with lackluster Wi-Fi might unknowingly deter customers from returning, according to a report from Hotel Internet Services.

Deals Motivate Leisure Travelers to Take More Trips

Consumers are busy planning their next vacation, and, for many, the number of trips they take and the length of these trips is linked to the deals they find. Parago, an operator in the rebate and consumer incentives space, just published its findings on the leisure travel planning industry and the impact deals can make in the decision-making process. Hotel and airline marketers must roll out specific offers to generate the highest reward on their investment.

Hotels and Motels Ramping Up Loyalty Programs

As we enter the busy travel season, hotels and motels will be competing for their share of the leisure travel market. One form of industry marketing, loyalty rewards programs, has been particularly popular among providers recently. But, are these programs delivering benefits that add to the bottom line? Research from Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research suggests these programs are yielding big returns, especially when they target a specific type of guest.

More Than Half of Travelers Choose Vacation Rental vs. Hotel

Just over half of travelers (52%) plan to stay at a vacation rental in 2014, up eight percent compared to those who stayed in a rental last year. The top three reasons travelers will choose a vacation rental over a hotel stay this year are: more living space (67%), lower rates than hotels (53%), and better amenities (50%), according to a recent TripAdvisor survey. Summer is the most popular season for vacation rentals as 65% plan stays between June and August.

Mobile Devices Offer Effective Means for Connecting with Travelers

New technologies have the potential to offer hotel guests a range of personalized new services and tools. Mobile websites are the most widely used technology for hotels; apps are another great tool and hotels are using them for a range of purposes. The combination of customer service and engagement makes mobile devices a potentially effective means for hotels to connect with their clients.

Hotels and Motels to Promote Themselves as Meeting Destinations

Now that the business travel market has perked up, hotels and resorts, especially those operating in destination, sense opportunity. The findings from the latest State of the Meeting industry survey, published by Destination Hotels and Resorts, suggest that industry operators can boost business by as much as 20% next year. But hotels will need to market to conference planners to win this business.

Business Travel Service Operators Promoting More Amenities

As the business travel market picks up in 2012, service operators in this industry need to review what they are offering and how to appeal to prospective clients. New research shows that business travelers are increasingly comprised of a wide range of demographic groups. As a result, hotels and airlines must broaden the scope of their marketing.

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