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Faster Page Loading Speeds = More Mobile Visitors

Over half (53%) of mobile users try­ing to vis­it a web page will give up if the site takes longer than three sec­onds to load, accord­ing to a Search Engine Land arti­cle by Aleh Bary­se­vich. “Even if your web­site is lightning-fast on your end, vis­i­tors with old­er smart­phones might expe­ri­ence delays, which could impact your speed score, and pos­si­bly your website’s rank­ing,” says Bary­se­vich.

Get to Know the 46% of Consumers Who Use Voice Search Every Day

Who's using voice-activated search? What are they look­ing for? Once, they find it, what's their next move? These ques­tions and more are answered with­in.

How to Help Clients Use Click-to-Call to Score Revenue

Click-to-call rev­enue is set to reach a glob­al high of $13.7 bil­lion with­in the next two years, are your clients' mobile sites and mobile search ads ready to ful­fill cus­tomers' call­ing expec­ta­tions?

3 Search Optimization Methods for 2018

Are your clients opti­miz­ing search enough to be one of the first busi­ness­es con­sumers find dur­ing their search­es?

Voice Technology in Mobile Search

An impor­tant fact that mobile adver­tis­ers tend to over­look is that, instead typ­ing out their search­es, con­sumers are ask­ing their phone’s vir­tu­al assis­tants to search for them.

Mobile Paid Search on Track for Exponential Growth

Ear­li­er this year, ana­lysts pre­dict­ed a surge in mobile ad growth. Now the num­bers are rolling in to sup­port those pro­jec­tions. In the just-completed sec­ond quar­ter, smart­phone users were click­ing on mobile ads faster than mar­keters were upping their bud­gets. This report comes from Igni­tionOne, a com­pa­ny that reports on search and oth­er dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing trends. In addi­tion, eMar­keter pro­jec­tions sug­gest that mobile search won't be slow­ing down any­time soon.

Retailers to Increase Mobile Search Effort

The typ­i­cal con­sumer who car­ries out a mobile search for a prod­uct takes two follow-up actions. Cur­rent­ly, only 7% of mobile search­es are for shop­ping infor­ma­tion which is low­er than the 15% for arts and enter­tain­ment infor­ma­tion and the 10% that are news-related. But, all of these num­bers are grow­ing and retail­ers who are look­ing for a com­pet­i­tive edge should be focus­ing on mobile.

Mobile Accounts for Growing Share of Paid Search Market

More con­sumers are turn­ing to their mobile devices to search for items to buy which is gen­er­at­ing an uptick in the mobile search chan­nel. For now, it seems that there’s a high­er click-through rate on mobile devices than for com­put­ers. As a result, ana­lysts are encour­ag­ing mar­keters to allo­cate a larg­er per­cent­age of their ad bud­get to mobile search.

Mobile Search to Lead to More Mobile Purchases

Mar­keters who are con­sid­er­ing the use of mobile search will be inter­est­ed to learn that this media chan­nel is increas­ing­ly pop­u­lar and effec­tive. New infor­ma­tion from ROI Research and Per­formics finds that more con­sumers are using mobile search. In addi­tion, these con­sumers are also mak­ing more mobile pur­chas­es.