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Faster Page Loading Speeds = More Mobile Visitors

Over half (53%) of mobile users trying to visit a web page will give up if the site takes longer than three seconds to load, according to a Search Engine Land article by Aleh Barysevich. “Even if your website is lightning-fast on your end, visitors with older smartphones might experience delays, which could impact your speed score, and possibly your website’s ranking,” says Barysevich.

Get to Know the 46% of Consumers Who Use Voice Search Every Day

Who's using voice-activated search? What are they looking for? Once, they find it, what's their next move? These questions and more are answered within.

How to Help Clients Use Click-to-Call to Score Revenue

Click-to-call revenue is set to reach a global high of $13.7 billion within the next two years, are your clients' mobile sites and mobile search ads ready to fulfill customers' calling expectations?

3 Search Optimization Methods for 2018

Are your clients optimizing search enough to be one of the first businesses consumers find during their searches?

Voice Technology in Mobile Search

An important fact that mobile advertisers tend to overlook is that, instead typing out their searches, consumers are asking their phone’s virtual assistants to search for them.

Mobile Paid Search on Track for Exponential Growth

Earlier this year, analysts predicted a surge in mobile ad growth. Now the numbers are rolling in to support those projections. In the just-completed second quarter, smartphone users were clicking on mobile ads faster than marketers were upping their budgets. This report comes from IgnitionOne, a company that reports on search and other digital marketing trends. In addition, eMarketer projections suggest that mobile search won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Retailers to Increase Mobile Search Effort

The typical consumer who carries out a mobile search for a product takes two follow-up actions. Currently, only 7% of mobile searches are for shopping information which is lower than the 15% for arts and entertainment information and the 10% that are news-related. But, all of these numbers are growing and retailers who are looking for a competitive edge should be focusing on mobile.

Mobile Accounts for Growing Share of Paid Search Market

More consumers are turning to their mobile devices to search for items to buy which is generating an uptick in the mobile search channel. For now, it seems that there’s a higher click-through rate on mobile devices than for computers. As a result, analysts are encouraging marketers to allocate a larger percentage of their ad budget to mobile search.

Mobile Search to Lead to More Mobile Purchases

Marketers who are considering the use of mobile search will be interested to learn that this media channel is increasingly popular and effective. New information from ROI Research and Performics finds that more consumers are using mobile search. In addition, these consumers are also making more mobile purchases.