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Do Your Clients' Email Results Look Like This?

Email con­tin­ues to be an effec­tive and per­son­al­ized way for mar­keters to con­nect with con­sumers. That said, your clients should be track­ing whether their email cam­paign ROI stats are as good as or bet­ter than what their com­peti­tors are expe­ri­enc­ing.

Don't Limit Email Ads by Believing These Myths

With email being such a pop­u­lar adver­tis­ing medi­um, there have been many dis­cus­sions about best prac­tices for sub­ject lines and the tim­ing of deliv­ery. How­ev­er, many of those are just opin­ions with no research back­ing.

What Makes Email Marketing Successful in 2019?

After ana­lyz­ing four bil­lion emails across 19 indus­tries in 126 coun­tries, GetRe­sponse has found new data about the most effec­tive ways to uti­lize email mar­ket­ing. How do your clients com­pare?

3 Steps to Getting Your Emails Opened

Not all sales­peo­ple are great writ­ers. But with email cor­re­spon­dence being as nec­es­sary as it is today, you can’t afford to send sub-par emails to your clients and poten­tial clients. Accord­ing to SellingPower’s Alexan­der Slich­nyl, here are the com­po­nents you need to make suc­cess­ful emails.