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Mental Health Professionals to Promote Depression-Treatment Services for Teens

"Depres­sion has become increas­ing­ly com­mon among Amer­i­can teenagers — espe­cial­ly teen girls, who are now almost three times as like­ly as teen boys to have had recent expe­ri­ences with depres­sion, reports Pew Research Cen­ter."

Restaurants, Footwear Retailers to Target Free-spending Teens

"Piper Jaf­fray recent­ly com­plet­ed its 37th semi-annual Gen­er­a­tion Z sur­vey of 8,000 U.S. teens. Over­all, it found that teens claim they spend approx­i­mate­ly $2,600 per year, a 1% year ‑over-year raise and a 6% com­pared to last fall."

Are Your Misconceptions of Radio Hindering Your Ad Campaigns?

Why aren’t adver­tis­ers giv­ing radio the cred­it it deserves, espe­cial­ly when con­sid­er­ing reach­ing out to younger gen­er­a­tions? Here's why radio is a good addi­tion to any ad cam­paign.

Fashion Spend Up for Affluent Teens

Teenagers want more den­im, more Net­flix and YouTube; but less hand­bags and less broad­cast media, accord­ing to a sur­vey of 9,400 teens. Piper Jaf­fray Com­pa­nies com­plet­ed its 30th semi-annual Tak­ing Stock With Teens research sur­vey, which high­lights spend­ing trends and brand pref­er­ences amongst 9,400 U.S. teens across 46 states.