Tips For Selling In A Time of Chaos

BY Jessica Helinski
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Selling in a time of chaos is absolutely necessary. Many may want to sit back and wait for the dust to settle, but that’s a mistake. “There is no benefit from waiting to begin your recovery,” writes sales professional and blogger Anthony Iannarino. “It doesn’t help you to wait until things settle down, watching them get worse, feeling a sense of dread, allowing yourself to be disempowered by events.” He goes on to share ways salespeople can proceed during the coronavirus outbreak to keep business going. 

His first tip is to start by focusing on your own mindset. Your attitude directly impacts your success, so it’s vital that you keep it in check. Iannarino urges readers to take back their power during this time. Pretty much everyone is feeling some sort of helplessness, and it’s up to us to take back our sense of power during times like this. Selling in a time of chaos requires a strong mentality, which is something that you can control. “While you may not control the root cause of a crisis, you can manage your response,” Iannarino explains. “You can determine what you believe, and you can manage your reaction.” He also points out that this doesn’t mean to pretend like there’s nothing wrong but instead, believing that despite the chaos, you will succeed. 

You also need an action plan. Being proactive is vital to selling in a time of chaos. Now is the time to prospect like you’ve never done before. “There are always clients who need help recovering from their own crisis, and identifying and helping them recover helps you recover,” Iannarino points out. Are you a real estate agent? Reach out to prospective sellers and explain how this is a great time to prep their homes for a future sale. Contact potential buyers about virtual open houses. Think of how you can reposition your product or services to help prospects both during the coronavirus situation and after. 

Iannarino’s article is a great guide for selling during chaos and times when it isn’t “business as usual.” This new “business as unusual” can be a productive time if you are proactive. As Iannarino writes, “You do not benefit from waiting for the crisis to end before you decide to improve your sales results. The way out of any crisis is always to sell your way out. Get moving.”