Wellness ‘Retreatments’ Trending in Travel

BY Courtney Huckabay

"Next-​gen wellness retreats want to add stamps to your passport!" Well + Good reports. "Wellness travel’s always been a thing, but now curated experiences developed by leading wellness insiders and top tier fitness instructors are trending—and retreats are getting more sophisticated as a result."

Women don’t want to go on a vacation that takes them away from their healthy approach to life,” says Kyle Miller, co-​founder of Love Yoga, a bicoastal studio with its own travel program. “Retreats are the answer—and you get to experience a new culture.”

Experience is the key for traveling yoga lovers. The latest AudienceSCAN study revealed 34.4% of Yoga Enthusiasts love exploring nature. Yoga instructors can promote wellness trips rooted in practicing yoga outdoors with Mother Nature.

"It’s not just doing yoga for 60 minutes every morning and calling that wellness travel."

"Instead, you can join your yoga teacher in Cuba, or spend a week of clean eating, custom workouts, daily massage in an up-​and-​coming destination like Botswana on Escape to Shape."

The travel industry can target yoga fans too. The AudienceSCAN survey revealed 12% of Americans practice yoga.

"Recently, even retailer Free People got into travel with FP Escapes, encompassing nutrition, yoga, and natural beauty treatments. It’s about shoppers’ “sharing their lifestyles with each other,” says Free People’s director of brand marketing Abby Morgan."

"Taryn Toomey hosts several high-​touch “Retreatments” a year in such locales as the Dominican Republic, setting a healthy menu for the whole week, bringing vetted healers and experts, and creating bonding opportunities that feel bespoke and authentic."

Resorts and yoga studios can target this niche with email. According to AudienceSCAN data, 32% of Yoga Enthusiasts took action after receiving emailed ads and/​or newsletters in the past month.

"Without distractions of “to-​do lists, families, and responsibilities,” these vacations are where we “meet one’s true self,” explains Toomey, not escape from it."

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