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Where and When to Place Your Radio Ads

AM/FM radio reaches 93% of adults in the U.S. Here are some tips on how to reach a broad range of consumers.

Political Parties, PACS to Target Presidential Race-Only Voters with TV Spots

“Despite a huge growth in digital spend this cycle, broadcast TV has remained the primary motivational force behind voter behavior,” Philip Rosenstein writes. “Across all age groups, 80% of registered voters are likely to have first gained knowledge about a candidate or issue on TV, according to a Video Advertising Bureau study from April.”

Loyalty Program Focus in 2017: Areas Worth Your Clients’ Dollars

Marketers are planning a big adjustment to their advertising budget in 2017. As companies shift more focus to their customers, eMarketer reports loyalty programs will reap the benefits of budgetary changes next year.

61% of Businesses Currently Use Video as a Marketing Tool

Using questions to establish how many companies currently use video as a marketing tool, how much they spend, and how these trends are developing over time, Wyzowl’s “State of Video Marketing” found that 91% of businesses say they plan to increase or maintain their spending on video in 2016, and 67% of businesses say they plan to spend more on video in 2016.

189 Million Americans Expected to Watch Super Bowl 50

An estimated 189 Mmillion football fans, foodies and social butterflies plan to watch the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers battle it out for the Super Bowl 50 championship title, up from the estimated 183.7 million who planned to watch last year. And, according to NRF’s Super Bowl Spending Survey, those celebrating will spend slightly more than they did for the 2015 Super Bowl. Viewers and partygoers will spend an average of $82.19 on food, décor, team apparel and more, up from $77.88 last year and the highest in the survey’s history.

Newspapers Carrying Ads for Marijuana Marketers Might Violate Law

“While the spreading legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational uses stands to produce many subsidiary economic benefits, in areas ranging from food delivery to the flagging black light industry, newspapers may not be able to cash in on this emerging opportunity, at least through advertising.”

23% of U.S. Adults Gear up for Rio Olympics Trends

Mark Burns asked for trends and hot topics to follow in the sports industry as well as for predictions about the different niches within sports for 2016 in Forbes. One hundred-plus professionals weighed in with their thoughts across 13 categories, including mobile/technology, legal, business, media, virtual reality, social/digital and others. Participants were asked to give five to 10 sentences.

Girls Love Big ‘Ole Trucks and Country Music Too

“In the auto marketing space, the rugged pickup often takes on the role of a grown man’s toy. Ads typically show male drivers hauling heavy loads or tackling uneven terrain in the wilderness while a deep-voiced narrator touts the pickups’ towing capacity and toughness. But Fiat Chrysler’s Ram truck brand has been breaking that marketing mold to seize what it sees as an opening among female pickup buyers. And it’s using the country music scene as the backdrop,” Vince Bond Jr. reports.

5 Buzzworthy SEO Trends You Must Know About for 2016

Get ready for a new year of changes to Google’s algorithms—and your SEO strategy. The following five trends, distilled from a guide published on the blog, will undoubtedly be buzzed about next year, Aleh Barysevich predicts for MarketingProfs.

TV Time Shifters Spend as Much Time Viewing as Working and Sleeping

Rovi Corporation released phase-two findings from a sponsored survey of pay-TV and over-the-top content subscribers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The study uncovered trends in viewer behaviors related to discovery, search, and recommendations for entertainment content and programming.

Millennials and Generation Z Might Just Pay for Digital Content

The future is now: Amid “generation #hashtag’s” dominance, “native digital” content and profit models are “must haves” for success in the media industry. Bain & Company’s annual media report identifies five imperatives for media companies in the native-digital era.

Is Your Media Company Optimizing Digital Video Ad Delivery?

As a high-tech format, digital video has generated great interest but also has some drawbacks. The Washington Post recently announced some changes to its digital video advertising offerings that are worth checking out.

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