The revolutionary new platform for Data-Driven Talent Retention™

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Reduce Employee Churn

The only thing harder than finding a good sales rep is keeping them. And replacing them often costs your company $100,000 or more. TeamKeeper is all about retention – which decreases expenses and increases profit.

Avoid Embarrassing Hiring Mistakes

Reduce the risk of your next hiring decision. Make sure the person you interview is the same person you get on the job with TeamKeeper’s 4 in-depth, diagnostic assessments for sales, marketing and customer service.

Improve the Team by Improving Their Manager

The #1 reason sales reps leave a company on their own is dissatisfaction with their direct manager. TeamKeeper reveals which managers are serious about talent development and turns them from enforcers into positive reinforcers!

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Coach More Effectively and Consistently

Only 22% of sales reps say their manager’s coaching sessions lead to higher win rates. TeamKeeper makes coaching significantly more effective with coaching points, management tips and training plans based each rep’s individual needs.

Motivate Your Team to Higher Performance

Revenue is a lagging indicator of attitude, hustle and sales skills. TeamKeeper reveals what really motivates each individual employee for the greatest impact. And for more than half of sales reps, it isn’t money!

Be the Place Where Good Talent Wants to Work

You can’t fix what you can’t see. TeamKeeper’s weekly engagement polls and recognition tools indicate if your company culture is headed in the right direction. They also boost morale by giving employees a voice and showing you care.