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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2017: Helping Small Businesses Compete with Big-Box and Online Giants

SalesFuel’s most recent AudienceSCAN survey found 23.7% of U.S. adults shopped at a locally owned business on Small Business Saturday. And although this percentage has been flat for the last two years, it’s still a big drop from 2014 – when 28.7% of Americans said they shopped small. Are small businesses doing enough to promote this holiday-shopping day? Could communities come together in bigger ways to cross-promote local business and present a united front? We at SalesFuel think the small business community is missing opportunities.

Learn more about how local businesses can take full advantage of this special shopping day.

Jump-Start Small Business Saturday with These Ideas!

Since Small Business Saturday’s founding, it’s been a powerful opportunity to reconnect with customers — and boost sales. A whopping $16.2 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday in 2015 — a 14 percent increase from the year prior. It’s likely that this number will only grow, too. Think strategically and find approaches that hopefully can help strengthen relationships and business all year long. Entrepreneur.com offers some Small Business Saturday ideas to get started.

SalesFuel shows how small businesses can take advantage of Small Business Saturday 2016 - AudienceSCAN report on Small Business Saturday Shoppers

New study helps small business defend against big retailer mini-stores, online shopping

SalesFuel’s Small Business Saturday free white paper offers new insights to help businesses prepare for Nov. 26 Small Business Saturday this year is November 26 and in advance of it, SalesFuel is releasing its free white paper “Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2016: Helping Small Businesses Compete with Big-Box and Online Giants.” In it, SalesFuel uses

New Study: Small Business Saturday More Lucrative than Ever with Upscale Consumers

AudienceSCAN‰Ûªs Free White Paper Provides Businesses 12 Insights and Related Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturdayå¨, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday More Lucrative Than Ever for Local Merchants

AudienceSCAN‰’s annual ‰Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2015‰ white paper clearly shows small and medium-sized businesses that planning for, and participating in, this national event can yield lucrative results. The paper contains fresh data from an annual survey of more than 14,000 consumers, revealing cutting-edge information in the hearts and minds of those most likely to be this year‰’s best customers.

More Shoppers to Buy Local This Holiday Season

More shoppers plans to frequent local small businesses when visiting stores this holiday season, according to new research. In fact, two-thirds (66%) of shoppers plan to shop locally at small businesses, independent retailers or boutique shops which are not part of national chains. Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013 is Small Business Saturday – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities.

SMBS Using Traditional Media for Small Business Saturday Promotions

Small businesses might feel like their opportunities are getting squeezed by online merchants and big-box retailers. SMBs could also be feeling extra pressure this year because of the shortened holiday shopping season. As a result, they’re rolling out more promotions and earlier than usual according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) which has just released its Small Business Saturday Insights Survey. This year, researchers have learned that 70% of SMBs will engage in some sort of promotion to attract shoppers that day.