Author: Jessica Helinski

Words That You Should Use In Sales Conversations NOW

Whether on paper or spoken in person, your words have an impact on how others view you and your company.

Signs That Your Sales Pipeline is Weak

The beginning of a new year is a great time to make sure your sales pipeline is healthy and ready to bring on new business.

Off-Limits Topics for the Office: What NOT to Say in the Workplace

For salespeople, job security isn't just based on making sales; how they conduct themselves in the office can have a major impact on their employment.

Win Sales By Asking These Important Impact Questions

Successful salespeople know how to ask the right questions. In particular, they know exactly what impact questions to ask to get to the “meat” of a conversation.

Do Not Ask A Prospect These Questions

We all know that asking prospects questions is the best way to learn more about them, their needs and how they can best be served. But, salespeople may actually be asking questions that hurt, more than help, their chances of making a sale. Ian Altman lists what he believes are the three worst questions to ask and suggests more appropriate alternatives.

Help Clients Drive Local Sales With An Optimized Digital Strategy

Your digital clients can reap huge benefits by using their digital marketing to reach out to local customers, but do they even know where to start?

Achieve the Sales Presentation Trifecta With These Tips

Salespeople are always looking for ways to improve their presentations, and there certainly is no shortage of advice for doing so. But, have you ever heard of the presentation “trifecta?”

How Your Small-Biz Clients Can Find Big Success With Social

It can be frustrating for small businesses when it comes to marketing against bigger competitors, who have massive budgets and millions of social media followers.

Why Sales Managers Should Shun the 10/10/10 Rule

Sales managers who follow the 10/10/10 rule for one-on-on meetings with reps may be missing a major opportunity to boost reps’ productivity, sales and morale.

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