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Happiness is Contagious – DO Infect Your Accounts!

Last week I talked about chronically unhappy people and how things like complaining, sweeping problems under the rug and pessimism can ruin your customer relationships. Today, we’re going to DO something about all that unhappiness!


People of influence are successful. Are you one of them?

Some idiot (er, I mean expert) wrote: Patience is the key to becoming a Power Influencer. Skilled influencers are patient; they pace their arguments, and ‘exhaust’ them one at a time.


Out of touch or out of their minds? Maybe both!

In a survey conducted by a BIG benefits management company (a management and human resource consulting firm), they asked 365 CEO's and sales management executives, “What are the three key factors that separate high performing sales professionals from moderate to low performing sales professionals?”


This is not a resolution, it’s an ALL OUT resolve!

Whatever your age, you’ve made resolutions, you’ve made goals, and often fall short of the stated objective, desire and/or objective. Drop resolutions, they’re always painful. Drop goals, they’re often unmet.


Don’t just drink the water, eat it!

Ask anyone in New York City why their bagels are the BEST in the world and they’ll say, “It’s the water!”

Does Your Attitude Need an Adjustment?

Nobody says you have to be an extrovert to succeed at sales. But, you do need the right attitude.

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