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Jason Reichl on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 144 — Jason Reichl: Improving Your Revenue Operations

Jason Reichl co-founded Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy with the goal of allowing high-growth companies to increase the revenue of each of their customers by 26% through eliminating operational silos. In this episode, we discuss: the definition of SalesOps or revenue operations; why now is a great time to tackle revenue operations in today’s COVID-19 climate; how to get people to buy more or expand their spend in COVID-19; and creating customer experiences to promote repeat purchases.

Mitchell Levy on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 143 — Mitchell Levy: The New Definition of Credibility

Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker, Global Credibility Expert and international bestselling author of over 60 books — including his latest "Credibility Nation." He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. In this episode, we discuss: the new definition of credibility in today’s COVID-19 climate; the 3 Pillars of Credibility; specific steps and strategies to build your credibility; Lee's new book, SalesCred, and the importance of credibility in buyers qualifying sellers.

Sophie Chiche on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 142 — Sophie Chiche: Helping Your Team Deal with Stress and Find Happiness

Sophie Chiche is the founder of Life by me, Shape House and her latest adventure, becurrent. She is also the co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability: Achieve What Matters to You. In this episode, we discuss: implementing active choices daily in COVID-19 to make the happiest, best experience you can have moment to moment; how to avoid stress eating in the pandemic; how to embrace feelings and use them to find a way to happiness; and how to help your team deal with anxiety during this challenging time.

JIm McCarthy of TEDx Broadway on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 141 — Jim McCarthy: Upgrading Your Virtual Meetings and Events

Jim McCarthy is CEO of Goldstar Events and Stellar Tickets and co-founded TEDxBroadway. In this episode, we discuss: new ways to produce events that boost engagement in COVID-19; making your online events as engaging as a live event; creating a culture of quality in online events; and producer/moderator priorities to inject more energy into online events.

Justin Winter on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 140 — Justin Winter: Supporting Remote Operations in a Pandemic

Justin Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Boostopia, a SaaS platform that allows you to manage your newly work-from-home customer support team with the world’s first support department operations platform. In this episode, we discuss:

Wayne Mullins on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 139 — Wayne Mullins: Marketing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wayne Mullins is the founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing. Over the past 20 years, he has scaled multiple companies and helped hundreds entrepreneurs do the same with their companies. In this episode, we discuss: how sales and marketing have changed during COVID-19; how to shift marketing platforms to the client side to connect companies communicate; coronavirus business strategies; and adjusting marketing messages in the pandemic.

Kathlyn Hendricks on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 138 — Kathlyn Hendricks: Fear During Crisis and How To Combat its Four Levels

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT*, is an evolutionary catalyst and freelance muchness mentor with 50 years pioneering experience in somatic approaches to relationship transformation. She is the co-author of 12 books, including the best-selling Conscious Loving and At the Speed of Life. In this episode, we discuss: The Four Levels of Fear and tips on how to come with them; new ways to discuss fear feelings with your team; what happens to your brain when you’re in the fear state of mind; and exercises to calm your mind and body.

Jason S Bradshaw on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 137 — Jason S Bradshaw: Let's Talk About CEX (Customer Experience)

Jason S Bradshaw is the entrepreneur/author of the book It's All About CEX, the essential guide to customer and employee experience. In this episode, we discuss: businesses who ignore COVID-19 are the ones most damaged; companies that do CEX the right way; tips/new ways to boost customer engagement BECAUSE of the pandemic; and creative ideas to boost revenues during the pandemic recession.

Brenda Batista on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 136 — Brenda Batista: Inspiring a New Company Culture During COVID-19

Brenda Batista is President and Founder of Inspiring Company Culture where she helps leaders transform their work environments to be places where everyone is heard, valued, and appreciated. Brenda is an expert in establishing high-performing teams, healthy company culture, leadership, business system analysis, and strategic planning. In this episode, we discuss: how to make online meetings 3D and as if “in person”; changing culture for speaking up to bridge the digital gap in COVID-19; how to engage extroverts in your organization; rearranging remote meetings to boost engagement in less engaged team members

Mark Boundy on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 135 — Mark Boundy: Creating Radical Value for Customers, Prospects During COVID-19

Mark Boundy is the author of “Radical Value. Elevate Your Company – and Career – By Unleashing the Power Within Customer Centricity." He has grown businesses in a variety of industries for 25 years , amassing wide-ranging experience in sales, marketing, new product development, and product management. In this episode, we discuss: what is Radical Value and how to get there; how to measure customer perception of value and modify it; why you should mentor your salespeople on P&L statements; creating value and how create a buying environment amid COVID-19.

Siimon Reynolds on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 134 — Siimon Reynolds: Win Fast — Quick Ways to Achieve More, Earn More

Siimon Reynolds is one of the world’s leading business coaches. He is the winner of over 50 business and industry awards, and the founder of numerous highly successful companies. Siimon coaches businesspeople and CEO’s from all over the world, from start ups to companies grossing over half a billion dollars a year. In this episode, we discuss: resetting your focus in COVID-19 for processes and performance; how to do “The 2 Circles of Control” to guide you; magnify for your fear of loss and harness that to propel you; and the release Breath Exercise to help clear your mind

Neil Sahota on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 133 — Neil Sahota: Using AI for Leadership and Social Good

Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations (UN) artificial intelligence (AI) Advisor, author of the book Own the A.I. Revolution, and Professor at UC Irvine. In this episode, we discuss: what artificial intelligence actually is, and what it isn't; ways you can use AI and your resources for social good; why promoting incompetent people is a common leadership mistake; how to tell when a product is legitimately AI or just an inflated marketing claim; and organizations that facilitate you getting involved in using AI for social good.

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