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The Sales Actions to be Remembered are the Ones Brought

Often, what makes people buy are the little things. Little memorable things.

Empathy Is Needed Now More Than Ever In Sales

Empathy is vital for selling, especially during times like these. With all of the upheaval, change and adapting happening, you, the sales rep, can be a calming presence for both prospects and clients.

Are You Meeting Your Clients' Customer Service Needs?

How are you earning loyalty from your clients? Are you still giving them reasons to continue your business relationship by fulfilling their customer service needs?

Storytelling Can Set the Stage For Success

Words are powerful sales tools. They have an even bigger impact when they’re used in a story.

What Buyers Say About Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

In a Qualtrics panel study with 530 B2B buyers, we asked what buyers want from sellers. Here’s a sample of what buyers said.


The root of the word empathy is PATHOS — the Greek word for feeling. SYMpathy means acknowledging the feelings of someone else as in, "I sympathize with you."

How To Turn Conflict Into "A Force For Positive Change"

A career in sales guarantees that you will engage with a variety people during your career. Whether you conduct business solely over the phone or every meeting is in-person, your ability to manage how you communicate with others is vital to success.

Don't Waste Valuable Referrals: How To Convert Them To Clients

Referrals are incredibly valuable in sales, no matter what industry. And, in the competitive health care world, a glowing referral could help you win out over competitors.

3 Keys To Retaining Your Clients

What would you do if you lost your biggest client tomorrow? What have you done lately to ensure that doesn’t happen?

Highlighting Value Will Set You Apart; Here's How To Do It

Salespeople can often intuitively discern what prospects want and need. But that intuition can only go so far; at some point, you need to find out specifically what they value.

Boost Client Retention By Using These Strategies

It can be thrilling to “hunt” a prospect, eventually winning their business and cashing in the sale. But don’t let the excitement of getting new customers overshadow caring for current ones.

Don't Let Price Objections Derail the Sale

Price objections aren’t limited to just one industry. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll likely encounter more than one customer who doesn’t agree with your pricing.

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