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5 Negotiation Styles and How to Approach Them

Negotiations are arguably the worst part of the sales process. They’re stressful and can sometimes ruin a would-be perfect sale if executed improperly.

discount requests

Discount Requests and How to Deal With Them

Discount requests are a common part of selling, as many buyers will have no issues with asking for a cut in price before purchasing.


Down-Selling is More Valuable than You Think

Salespeople know, more than most, that even the best laid plans rarely go as expected. While up-selling is the dream of everyone in the sales profession, more often than not, you’re stuck down-selling.

Shrewd Salespeople

Shrewd Salespeople’s 3 Winning Tactics

Are you a shrewd salesperson, even during negotiations? A lot of people cringe at that word, but it’s actually a quality all salespeople should strive to be: “marked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded perception.”

Expensive Product

3 Tips for Selling Expensive Products

Price is a common sales objection sales reps encounter. For salespeople who sell more expensive products, this issue can provide one steep roadblock.

Negotiation Tactics To Watch Out For

Negotiation tactics are often used by buyers, and while some buyers truly seek out win-win negotiations, others solely are looking for an advantage at the seller’s expense.

too expensive

Combating the "It's Too Expensive" Objection

It’s too expensive.” This is probably one of the main roadblocks you encounter during your sales meetings. Is your product or service actually too expensive?


Negotiating With A "Jerk": Sell AND Stay Professional

Negotiating probably isn’t anyone’s favorite part of the sales process. It can be particularly unpleasant if you are trying to negotiate with someone who is being difficult.

Negotiation Tactic

Why Surprises are an Excellent Negotiation Tactic

Surprise has rarely been seen as a good negotiation tactic in your experience, right? It seems only logical that a surprise would throw a wrench in the works.


Why Hard Negotiations Can Lead to Future Disaster

Have you been trained to use hard negotiations when it’s time to close a contract? If you successfully close the deal, you could be courting trouble for the future.



The root of the word empathy is PATHOS — the Greek word for feeling. SYMpathy means acknowledging the feelings of someone else as in, "I sympathize with you."

isolation process

The Isolation Process, A Powerful Path to More Sales

Psst — hey ‑c’mere! I’ve got a secret to tell you…Sometimes prospects will stall you, sometimes they will lie to you, sometimes they won’t tell you the real reason why they won’t purchase.

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