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You Can’t Get the Sale ‘Til You Ask for It

Seems too simple. Just ask. In most cases to get the sale — at some point you must ask for it.

Which Sales Method Should You be Using?

Customer centricity is the key to sales; everyone knows that. But did you know that there are nine sales methods to choose from?

How to Get Anyone to Read Your Prospecting Emails

How often have you wasted the first line of your prospecting email with, “Hello, my name is…”? At this point, the prospect doesn’t care who you are. They get dozens of emails just like yours every single day. Why should they keep reading?

Consultative Selling Best Practices To Put In Action

The benefits of consultative have been proven again and again, yet some reps still haven’t embraced this sales style. Instead, salespeople rely on transactional selling, which relies solely on hitting their sales goals without much participation by the customer.

Prospect Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore

Not every prospect that crosses your path will be right for you and your business. Even the prospect who seems like they'd be a dream client may not be the best partner.

How to Identify a Tire Kicker Prospect Before Wasting Your Time

Few things are more frustrating than tire kicker prospects. You know, prospects who drag the sales process on by asking questions, seeming to test the tires of your product or service, but you never get closer to making the sale.

Are You Meeting Your Clients' Customer Service Needs?

How are you earning loyalty from your clients? Are you still giving them reasons to continue your business relationship by fulfilling their customer service needs?

Mastering Questions: The Most Important Part of Sales

What part of your sales pitch is arguably the most important? The questions your prospects will ask during your presentation and during your Q&A at the end. But questions are the one aspect of your pitch that you don’t have control over.

Storytelling Can Set the Stage For Success

Words are powerful sales tools. They have an even bigger impact when they’re used in a story.

How To Discuss Competitors In A Sales Conversation

Talking about competitors with prospects is tricky. You need to tread carefully so that you don’t seem unprofessional but yet you don’t want to sing their praises either.

Who or What is the Cause of Aggravation? Not You, Of Course!

It’s Saturday night around 6:00 p.m. Early dinner for Jessica, Gabrielle, and me.

Don't let your intellectual muscles get flabby!

Your intellectual image comes from how well you've developed what's inside your skull. This is your intellectual self.

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