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You Probably Aren't Making the Most of Your Reviews

Getting reviews from your clients is only half the battle. Making sure they’re seen, and in the best light, is another beast entirely.

What’s Your Plan for Next Year’s Account Renewals?

When you’re in charge of managing accounts, annual renewals loom large on the horizon. This is a perfect time of year to think about how to manage your renewals in the next 12 months.

Focus On Sales Forecasting For Future Success

There’s so much more to sales than just actually selling a product or service. A lot of thought, planning and problem-solving goes into being successful, and there so many important aspects of a proper sales process. One of those is forecasting.

BANT: What It Is And How to Use It When Qualifying Leads

Your brain is probably full of endless industry jargon, including various acronyms to remember strategies and methodologies. One of those might be BANT; sound familiar?

Want to Give The Greatest Presentation in the World?

The old adage is, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Wrong. In sales it’s both.

Does Your Customer Service Have a Devastating Lack of Humanity?

After you complete a sale, you probably won’t see your new client in person very often, if ever (if you even saw them in person to begin with). It can be difficult to keep the human aspect present in your business interactions after you make the sale. A lack of humanity can cause some clients to not think twice about switching to another company if a new deal comes along.

You ARE Worth It; Stop Giving Away Services

What can you do to stand out from competitors? For many, offering “free” services is a way for them to stand out from the crowd and attract new business. But, is this really a good idea?

How To Turn Conflict Into "A Force For Positive Change"

A career in sales guarantees that you will engage with a variety people during your career. Whether you conduct business solely over the phone or every meeting is in-person, your ability to manage how you communicate with others is vital to success.

Dos and Do-Nots of Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals is necessary but can be tricky. Some salespeople may feel awkward about asking for praise from clients, even though it will help influence new business in the future. There are also times when you may think you can ask for a referral, but it would be in your best interest if you waited.

3 Ways to Promote Value and Sway Sales

Are you selling both your product or service AND value? If you’re unsure, think about your motive. Are you only selling to meet your quota and increase your commission? Or does your goal include selling to people who can genuinely benefit from what your company has to offer?

Are you making money or making excuses?

Excuses! Excuses! What would people do without their excuses?

Don't Waste Valuable Referrals: How To Convert Them To Clients

Referrals are incredibly valuable in sales, no matter what industry. And, in the competitive health care world, a glowing referral could help you win out over competitors.

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