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Are You Using Need-Based Selling To Help Your Prospects

Even if you go into a sale with the primary goal of aiding the prospect using your product or service, that may not always be apparent to them. Salespeople tend to have a negative reputation for being money-centered, so you need to clearly communicate your honorable intentions using need-based selling.

What Buyers Say About Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

In a Qualtrics panel study with 530 B2B buyers, we asked what buyers want from sellers. Here’s a sample of what buyers said.

Sales Objections: How To Handle Every Type

No matter what a salesperson is selling, they will, at some point, face an objection from the buyer. It’s up to the rep to handle that objection in a professional manner that will move the process forward.

Jessica Helinski January 22, 2020 B-to-C, Sales Tips

Sales Enablement: Why You Need To Do It

Sales enablement is a topic that's not discussed often. You probably think selling is tough. Well, surprisingly, buyers think buying is tough!

The Prospect Says, “I’m Satisfied with My Present Source.”

Great, just what you wanted to hear. But don’t discourage easily on this one; it’s actually pretty easy to get an opening and begin a relationship if you can get the prospect talking.

3 Tips to Earning More Survey Responses

Surveys can be troublesome. It takes so much time and energy to create and edit them to perfection and get them sent out that it’s depressing if you don’t get many responses. Even worse, you won’t be as well informed about your clients’ needs and wants if you don’t get responses.

How to Show Prospects Your Value

Are you encountering prospects who seem to know plenty about you, your company and your products before you talk with them? When they have so much information in advance, how can you show prospects your value?

Upselling: New Strategies Needed For Informed Buyers

Upselling is an art, and it can be hard to do well without annoying the customer. It’s especially tough in the age of the internet, when customers empower themselves by doing their own research online.

Ethics In Sales Will Help You Stay Ahead

Likely, you’ve encountered fellow sales reps who worked without strong sales ethics. Often, selling by any means necessary is how deals are won, but is that really the best course of action?

Save Time: What Sales Pitch Information is Most Important?

There’s an overwhelming amount of sales pitch information you can gather before meeting with a prospect. Spending too much time researching one prospect can overload your mind with data you may not even use AND take away time you could be spending proactively preparing for other sales.

Rachel Cagle January 13, 2020 Preparation, Sales Tips


The root of the word empathy is PATHOS — the Greek word for feeling. SYMpathy means acknowledging the feelings of someone else as in, "I sympathize with you."

Unclutter Your Email Inbox to Increase Sales

Your base of operations for sales is probably your email inbox, right? If it’s cluttered by the dozens to hundreds of emails you receive every day, it’s more likely that you’ll either overlook or accidentally delete an email that could lead to a sale.

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