Connecting Over the Phone: Your Voice Is Key

BY Jessica Helinski
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Connecting over the phone is even more important now than in the past due to the pandemic. With in-​person meetings curbed for the moment, the phone is an important tool for making connections and building relationships. “Some people are better at connecting through the phone than others,” Robert Kirschner acknowledges in an article for SalesGravy.  He goes on to point out that it is possible to improve your phone skills, you may just need some voice training for salespeople, and he shares his own tips for doing so.

Connecting Over the Phone: 4 Tips

In his article, Kirschner shares six tips that salespeople can consider and use. He specifically narrows in on one aspect of conversation: the use of voice and matching the other person. By using your voice strategically, you can build and strengthen relationships when being together in-​person just isn’t an option. Just like with in-​person sales, “mirroring” can add a shared element. Here are a few of his suggestions of what to match during your calls to inspire your voice training for salespeople:

  • Voice volume. As you’re likely aware, not everyone speaks at the same volume. This is especially when having a conversation via phone. Want to subconsciously establish an immediate connection over the phone? Mimic their volume when speaking which will help you connect even more over the phone.
  • Talking speed. Just like with volume, the speed at which you talk naturally may be different from the other person. Connecting over the phone can be achieved by taking control of your speed. “Talk at a similar pace as the person on the other end of the call, you’ll find it easier to get and maintain that positive connection,” Kirschner writes. “This obvious characteristic provides a powerful opportunity to reduce differences and send the signal, ‘I’m with you’.”
  • Speaking rhythm. This can be especially helpful for reps who may not have a lot of confidence on the phone. If you aren’t quite sure of yourself, you may have trouble finding your own cadence of speaking. But, if you match the rhythm of the prospect or client, you will be doing more than just connecting over the phone. You’ll be boosting your own confidence. “You’ll find it easier to maintain confidence and speak with ease by hearing and matching the rhythm of the person you are talking with,” he explains. “The person you’re talking with is your guide. Do your best, and you’ll connect.”
  • Energy. We all know people whose voices exude energy. We also know people whose speaking is slow and steady. Matching the energy of the person on the other line will bring you to their level. This keeps you two in sync and even more connected. 

These tips, as well as the others he includes in his article, present the opportunity for reps to quickly, and easily, connect. As we all know, connecting over the phone isn’t always easy, but just by matching your voice to the prospect or client, you can establish one block in the foundation of the relationship. And, this is more important now than ever without face-​to-​face meetings. “In today’s fast moving yet socially distanced world, selling and making connections over the phone is more important than ever,” he adds. “It is the workhorse of virtual selling.”