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Have You Told Your Clients the Latest About Content Marketing?

Just when your clients think they have content marketing all figured out, another study comes along to challenge their strategy. The 2018 Digital Content Survey from Altimeter contains surprising insights on what marketers have to say about their content strategies.

50% of B2B Operators to Increase Content Marketing Next Year

When you want to achieve a goal, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place. Findings from the 2019 B2B Content Marketing Study show that most businesses are using some type of content marketing and their goal is to get better at it.

Do Your Clients Need to Hit Refresh On Their Content Marketing Campaigns?

The latest research from Clutch shows that consumers value content that is transparent, accurate and unique. How often does your clients’ content fall into those categories?

67% of Consumers Value High-Quality Content Marketing

Even when consumers can tell they are looking at content marketing, most (67%) still value it. Especially when it is transparent and of high quality.

Top Hacks for Creating Compelling Content

Are your clients have trouble drawing traffic to their sites? The problem may not be with what their content says. It’s how they’re writing content that can leave targeted audiences feeling blah.

Marketers Struggle Most with Content Development and SEO

The 2018 Digital Marketing Plans for Best-In-Class Success report from Adestra reveals where digital marketing services providers will find opportunity.

49% of B2C Operators Outsource Content Creation

How does content marketing work for B2C businesses? The Content Marketing Institute has just updated its 2018 report for B2C operators and findings reveal that only approximately 1/3 of these establishments believe they have content marketing under control.

Do Your Clients Know These New Blog Marketing Trends?

Content marketing is a huge part of every marketer’s toolkit. In particular, blog posts can add credibility to an organization. If you’re selling digital marketing services, check out the latest recommendations about how to optimize blog content for your clients.

Successful B2B Operators Spend 40% of Marketing Budget on Content

B2B operators have been busy refining their content marketing strategy this year. As they see the improved ROI from their focused effort on content, the vast majority of B2B companies will expand their use of the format in 2018. Here’s a preview of what to expect, based on the B2B Content Marketing 2018 report from the Content Marketing Institute and its partners.

Visuals to Play Key Role in Content Marketing

Do you have your content marketing material set for 2014? Is your digital strategy positioned for success? Some visionaries have predicted that content marketing will be tops this year while other experts believe that marketers without a mobile strategy will be left in the dust. WebDam Solutions has released its 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics in infographic form to help you visualize what’s important as you fine tune your strategy for the upcoming year. And speaking of visual, WebDam analysts say that content market materials should contain a healthy ratio of images to text.

SMBs to Allocate More Resources to Content Marketing

Earlier today, I highlighted Shafqat Islam’s predictions about content marketing in 2014. But what about small businesses? What will their goals and challenges be with respect to content marketing? The B2B Content Marketing Trends report released by the Content Marketing Institute late last year reveals the unique challenges smaller enterprises face as they try to optimize their investment in this format.

B2B Content Marketing Continues to Grow

B2B marketers may be hesitant about investing heavily in pure social media or mobile campaigns, but they are keenly interested in content marketing. Brightcove sponsored a Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs research study on this topic and the results show that virtually all, 93%, of B2B operators are using content marketing. Nearly 6 in 10 B2B marketers will increase their budgets for this purpose in 2014.

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