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Over Half of Holiday-Related Purchases to be Made Online

The level of holiday-related sales in November and December can mean the difference between annual profit and loss for most retailers. This pattern of market activity also holds true for online retailers.

Consumer Search Behavior Linked to Age, Engine Used

How are your clients’ paid search campaigns working out? If you think the results could be better, you may be surprised to learn that the consumer’s age plays a role in whether they click on a paid search ad.

Are You Using These Dangerous SEO Tactics?

Black-hat” and “gray-hat” tactics ("techniques that attempt to achieve quicker results by flouting the search engines’ guidelines”) are increasing in popularity in the SEO community. Sounds a bit risky, right? That’s because they are.

Does Your Management Manifesto Need a Refresh?

Recently, Google updated its management manifesto. The company's findings may surprise you.

Here's How Google's SEO Hawk Update Helps You and Your Clients

It’s not nice to fool search engine giant, Google. In fact, the tech company will try to get even. That’s what happened when SEO whizzes tweaked their strategies to get better placement on Google’s search results pages.  

Do Your Clients Need Help with Social Commerce?

Social media is now an even more well-rounded asset to businesses with the introduction of social commerce: using social networks to complete e‑commerce sales.

3 Search Optimization Methods for 2018

Are your clients optimizing search enough to be one of the first businesses consumers find during their searches?

Tech Giants and Financial Advertisers Drive OOH Gains

Some marketers may consider out-of-home advertising to be a traditional media format. But, the industry’s rapidly changing. The availability of both traditional and digital options is one reason revenue keeps rising in OOH.

Voice and Mobile Expected to Drive Search This Holiday Season

iProspect’s Paid Search Trends Quarterly Report for Q3 2017 gives paid search advertisers some insight into 2017’s trends and what to expect for the remainder of the year.

New Parents Rely on Smartphones, Search to Find Products, Services

Consumers who are welcoming a new baby into their homes are embarking on an emotional and financial journey. For most new parents, this is a time of research and discovery as they determine which products and services they’ll need to purchase to fulfill their dreams of a happy family. Google has researched this topic and discovered exactly what new parents are asking about and how they’re obtaining their information.

Are Custom Brand Exchanges the Future?

Programmatic ad buying is capturing more attention and a bigger portion of the digital marketing budget. Industry experts note that the programmatic market has been doing particularly well in terms of direct response money. At the same time, there’s been growth in private exchanges. Now, Google wants to change everything and create a ‘custom brand exchange’ that will allow it to serve “as an intermediary between high quality publishers and the upper echelon of advertising options in a demand-driven market," according to a post by Corey Pollack on Wave Digital Media.

Google+, Responsive Design to Play Bigger Role in Marketer Efforts

We’ve entered that period when marketing services companies are busy releasing their projections about trends for the coming year. ExactTarget is out with its 2014 State of Marketing report. Not surprisingly, the firm emphasizes the importance of email. But this report also contains valuable findings about Google+ and marketers’ feeling about mobile ROI and those details are worth a look.

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