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How Do Your Clients’ Email Results Stack Up Against These Statistics?

Consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the tidal wave of email directed at them. Walls are going up to protect both personal and businesses email inboxes. Is there anything you can help your clients do to ensure that more of their email messages are delivered?

Borrell Associates: 2018 Local Ad Spending to Jump 7.6%

After a year during which traditional media struggled to show an increase, the local ad market looks brighter for 2018. Borrell Associates is basing its prediction of a 7.6% increase in next year’s local ad market on research it conducted this summer. Here’s what you need to know.

Flyers, Retailer Emails Drive Holiday Sales

The four-day period that encompasses Thanksgiving weekend continues to drive the holiday shopping season. Your clients should be buying ads now in preparation for the busy Thanksgiving weekend.

Powerful Presentation Perfects the Sale for McDowell News

Tiffany Coates, a multi-media sales executive for McDowell News, saw an opportunity with a growing business in her community of Marion, NC. She knew a local funeral director had been working out of another funeral home in another county while waiting on his own to be built.

60% of Consumers Say TV is Most Entertaining Ad Format

Marketers remain enthralled with the effectiveness of TV advertising. And while consumers agree that TV ads are the most entertaining, they also rate them as highly intrusive. Morning Consult’s new study contains everything your clients need to know about consumer attitudes regarding advertising in all formats.

80% of Marketers Now Using Attribution on Some or All Campaigns

The marriage of big data and digital advertising should be able to deliver accurate attribution statistics for media buyers. With so many digital channels now available, your clients want to know if they should put more money into email or if they would reach more consumers with a video ad campaign. Good attribution modeling can give them answers.

Successful B2B Operators Spend 40% of Marketing Budget on Content

B2B operators have been busy refining their content marketing strategy this year. As they see the improved ROI from their focused effort on content, the vast majority of B2B companies will expand their use of the format in 2018. Here’s a preview of what to expect, based on the B2B Content Marketing 2018 report from the Content Marketing Institute and its partners.

How Easy Is It for Your Clients To Buy Cross-Channel From You?

Analysts say if media companies want to maximize the value of the ad space they are selling, they need to make it easier for clients to buy traditional and digital at the same time. The shift from mass marketing to audience targeting in the TV space is another trouble spot for clients. In its new report, The Future of TV, SinTecMedia explains what you need to know to persuade prospects to advertise with you.

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NEW! Monthly Sell Smarter! Award Video Features Co-op

Marketing Consultant Arnold Bernardino had been hunting down new business for KETK-NBC/Nexstar in Tyler, Texas. He was hot on the trail of his local Kawasaki retailer but was getting some pushback. We welcome you to this month’s featured Sell SMARTER! Award — where we honor excellence in media SALES.

What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Where does marketing end and sales begin? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it’s a question many managers wrestle with. It's also one of the biggest obstacles to getting your sales and marketing efforts in alignment.

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