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Out-of-Home Advertising Demand Soars

Marketers see the impact that out-of-home advertising brings to the bottom line. That’s why they boosted spending to the format’s highest growth rate in over a decade.

Auto Dealers Can Boost EV Sales by Marketing to Younger Consumers

We’ve heard plenty about how digitally enabled consumers plan to buy everything online. It turns out that automobiles may be the exception.

AdMall Presentation Tool Helps Close nearly $17,000 Sale

Sometimes closing a sale means having to channel your inner animal. Such was the case for Brittany Lucent, a multimedia consultant from the Gainesville Sun, when she first reached out to a local veterinarian office. The Florida-based vet had been treating pets for more than 30 years, but felt it was time to expand and also reach out to different pet owners.

Help Your Client Achieve 25% Purchase Rates With These Retargeting Tips

Are your clients hitting the right balance with their retargeting efforts? Today’s successful marketers can expect a sale from about 25% of their targets.

Overlooking Personalized Ads? You’re Wasting Opportunity

Data-driven personalization has helped 96% of marketers achieve their goals, according to Ascend2’s Data-Driven Personalization report. These marketer’s goals are, hopefully, the same as your clients’.

Ag Equipment Dealer Harvests New Clients with AdMall’s Digital Audit

Local matters, but when you’re a growing business, it’s time to start thinking on a broader scale. So, when digital sales strategist Sara Fortin, of the Journal Star, reached out to a local farm and agricultural equipment dealer, her sights were set high.

Health Care Marketers Moving Ad Budgets From TV to Digital

There’s money to be made in health care advertising: $36 billion to be exact. That global figure comes from Zenith Media’s Health Care Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

40% of CMOs Lack Internal Staffing Resources to Get the Job Done

If you’re pitching your media and services to CMOs, it helps to get into their heads. Dentsu analysts have done that for you.

Tips to Help Clients Improve Social Media Marketing ROI

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Your clients can make the most of marketing through these sites once they understand what consumers are looking for.

Do Your Clients Know These Secrets About Black Friday Email Marketing Success?

Is it too early to send out email marketing campaigns for the 2019 holiday season? Yes. But it’s not too early to help your clients plan their holiday email marketing strategy.

Digital Video to be Media Star in 2020 Campaign Ad Spending

Earlier this summer, we reported on Brian Wieser’s projections for the political ad spending sector. Wieser anticipates a $10 billion spending level, and other research shops have provided significant details on where the money will go, especially digital video.

How to Help Your Clients Maximize the Halo Effect

Have you heard about the halo effect? Simply put, when you like one aspect about a person or business, you tend to approve of everything else about that person or business.

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