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Music Lessons can Also Benefit Students in Other Classes

"When the dust settles on those first chaotic weeks of getting kids back to school, parents turn their attention to a bigger challenge: how to help their child make the most of this academic year and the years to come."

Waterproof Speakers are a Must-Have in the Summer

"It’s a no-brainer that food tastes better alfresco, but the decision to take music outdoors is a little more complex, says Consumer Reports. Your house has traditionally been your wireless speaker’s best friend, protecting it from the elements and providing enough sonic support and noise isolation (i.e., walls) to let it sound its best."

Retailers to Promote Noise-Canceling Headphones to Protect Listener’s Health

"Exposure to loud noise can certainly damage your hearing. But increasingly, scientists are finding that too much noise can take a toll on our health in other ways. Here, how our loud world can can affect you, plus what you can do to protect yourself, according to Consumer Reports."

71% of Employees Feel More Productive When Listening to Music

Silence may be golden, but most workers feel they're more productive at the office when listening to music, new research from staffing firm Accountemps shows. Eighty-five percent of survey respondents who are able to do so say they enjoy turning on the tunes at work. Employees ages 18 to 34 appreciate music while working the most (95%), compared to those ages 35–54 (84%) and 55 and older (66%).

Marketers Turn to Big Data to Match Music with Ads

One advantage that video and radio ad formats have over traditional print is sound. More marketers are counting on sound, especially music, to generate an emotional response in their audience these days A recent article in Ad Age, which referenced a Millward Brown study on this topic, notes that more marketers are using big data to determine which kind of music to include in their ad.

Coming Soon: The Musical Dishwasher

Marketers have long used sound in their promotions. Playing a favorite or well-known song in an ad is a great way to snag the attention of today’s busy consumers. Marketers are beginning to realize that promoting the sound a product makes can increase advertising effectiveness.

Marketers to Connect with Audiences through Mobile Music

The recorded music industry has been struggling to find the right business model after the economics changed during the transition to online. Music content providers are moving some of their effort to mobile and have been relying on a mix of paid downloads and subscriptions for revenue. But analysts believe that advertising will be the biggest driver of revenues for these content providers in the mobile world during the next few years.

For More Brands, It’s all about Sound

Marketers spend a lot of time worrying about their brand image. Enterprises in specific industries have found that celebrity endorsements of their products can enhance their standing with consumers. Now, some companies are looking at sound as the next way to stand apart from their competitors.

Music Sponsorship Spending To Increase This Year

Sales in the paid recorded music industry continue to struggle
but many marketers believe in the connection between branding and sponsoring music festivals. Companies plan to spend $1.09 billion sponsoring musicians, festivals and tours this year.