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Adult Day Care Centers can Target Caregivers

"More than half of work­ing care­givers feel they have to com­pro­mise with­in their careers to care for aging par­ents, accord­ing to a new sur­vey by Home Instead. Inc., fran­chisor of the Home Instead Senior Care net­work. In addi­tion, 43% of work­ing care­givers feel their career growth has suf­fered as a result of the sac­ri­fices they've made to pro­vide care and sup­port."

Spas to Promote Age-Appropriate Services

"Think­ing of head­ing to a spa? Be cau­tious: The mas­sage you enjoyed in your 30s could do some dam­age in your 80s, and risk­ing an infec­tion for a pedi­cure may no longer seem worth it, says Con­sumer Reports."

Adult Day Care Services to Advertise Programs for Lonely Seniors

"Amer­i­cans ages 60 and old­er are alone for more than half of their dai­ly mea­sured time, which includes all wak­ing hours except those spent engaged in per­son­al activ­i­ties such as groom­ing. All told, this amounts to about sev­en hours a day; and among those who live by them­selves, alone time ris­es to over 10 hours a day, accord­ing to a new Pew Research Cen­ter analy­sis of Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics data."

Retailers to Promote Fall-Prevention Products and Services to Seniors

"Every 11 sec­onds in the U.S., an old­er adult ends up in an emer­gency room due to a fall, accord­ing to Con­sumer Reports. 'It’s the lead­ing cause of acci­den­tal death in the elder­ly,' says Cath­leen Colón-Emer­ic, M.D., chief of geri­atrics at the Duke Uni­ver­si­ty School of Med­i­cine. Falls can result in a vari­ety of injuries, includ­ing hip frac­tures and head trau­ma, which can have last­ing con­se­quences."

Yoga Classes to Target Seniors

"As you age, it's nor­mal to become less lim­ber, reports Har­vard Health Pub­lish­ing. Your mus­cles shrink and your ten­dons lose their water con­tent, which makes your body stiffer. But add in less activ­i­ty from a seden­tary lifestyle and your lack of flex­i­bil­i­ty can become even worse."

Here’s Why Your Clients Should Target Consumers Who Are Over Age 50

Are your clients com­plain­ing that they aren’t gen­er­at­ing enough rev­enue from their ad cam­paigns? The prob­lem could be that they are ignor­ing a big seg­ment of the pop­u­la­tion with their cre­ative mes­sag­ing and media buys.

62% of the Consumers Who Should Get a Shingles Vaccination Don’t Know It Exists

"Shin­gles vac­ci­na­tion is now near­ly twice as effec­tive as the pre­vi­ous pro­to­col and avail­able to patients 10 years younger than before, enabling largescale pre­ven­tion of a painful, com­mon con­di­tion. Adop­tion of the new stan­dard of care could vast­ly reduce the one mil­lion annu­al cas­es of the dis­ease, accord­ing to osteo­path­ic physi­cians."

Working "Unretirement" into Retirement/Financial Plans

"Unre­tire­ment is becom­ing more com­mon, researchers report. A 2010 analy­sis by Nicole Maes­tas, an econ­o­mist at Har­vard Med­ical School, found that more than a quar­ter of retirees lat­er resumed work­ing. A more recent sur­vey from RAND Cor­po­ra­tion, the non­prof­it research firm, pub­lished in 2017, found almost 40% of work­ers over 65 had pre­vi­ous­ly, at some point, retired."

Introducing Affluencers and Why You Need to Advertise to Them

Afflu­encers spend 40% more than afflu­ents and, out of every con­sumer group, their future pur­chase intent is the great­est. Here's who they are and how to adver­tise to them.

Older People Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time in U.S. History

The year 2030 marks an impor­tant demo­graph­ic turn­ing point in U.S. his­to­ry accord­ing to the U.S. Cen­sus Bureau’s 2017 Nation­al Pop­u­la­tion Pro­jec­tions. By 2030, all baby boomers will be old­er than age 65. This will expand the size of the old­er pop­u­la­tion so that 1 in every 5 res­i­dents will be retire­ment age.

Seniors Bridging the Digital Divide Despite Doubters

Mobile devices have rapid­ly become one of the most com­mon ways for Amer­i­cans to get news, and the sharpest growth in the past year has been among Amer­i­cans ages 50 and old­er, accord­ing to a Pew Research Cen­ter sur­vey.

Promoting Senior Fitness Keeps Health Providers Top of Mind

Health­ways Sil­ver­Sneak­ers Fit­ness mem­bers prove youth is a state of mind. The annu­al par­tic­i­pa­tion sur­vey reveals old­er adults turn to fit­ness for opti­mal health. Health­ways Sil­ver­Sneak­ers® Fit­ness, an exer­cise pro­gram exclu­sive­ly designed for old­er Amer­i­cans, announced the results of its Annu­al Par­tic­i­pa­tion Sur­vey.

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