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87% of Americans to Increase DTC Channel Subscriptions

"Con­sumers today have a vari­ety of choic­es when deter­min­ing how they want to access TV pro­gram­ing. As is the case in the broad­er retail land­scape, growth in direct-to-con­sumer (DTC) chan­nel sub­scrip­tions is par­tic­u­lar­ly notable. Dri­ven by the influx of new ser­vices, faster in-home broad­band speeds, and TV-con­nect­ed device adop­tion, DTC chan­nel adop­tion rates grew three-fold over the last three years to reach 15% of U.S. house­holds, accord­ing to The NPD Group."

What's the Best Way to Target TV Watchers with Ads?

It’s no secret that more of the world seems to be turn­ing their heads down to their phones with each pass­ing day. How­ev­er, did you know that, at the same time, more peo­ple are watch­ing over-the-air TV?

Here Are the Most Effective Video Formats For End-Funnel Marketing

With so many mar­keters increas­ing their spend­ing on video adver­tis­ing, it’s fair to won­der where the money’s com­ing from. Adver­tis­er Per­cep­tions recent­ly took a look at this top­ic.

Targeting Video Streaming Customers: What You Need to Know

How can you help your stream­ing clients bet­ter adver­tise their prod­uct? One way is to focus on and pro­mote con­tent offer­ings with­in the ser­vice.

How to Target the 96% of Hispanics Who Listen to the Radio

If your clients haven’t been tar­get­ing their His­pan­ic con­sumers via radio ads, it’s about time they learned how they can use this medi­um to reach near­ly all of this demo­graph­ic.

Audio Streaming Volume has Risen by 45%

"The music indus­try is in the midst of a growth spurt that has led to 15-year record rev­enues for the major label groups and con­tin­ues to break new con­sump­tion records for the first half of 2018, reports Nielsen. Total album equiv­a­lent con­sump­tion, which includes phys­i­cal and dig­i­tal album sales, song sales and on-demand audio and video song streams are up 18%."

85% of Millennials Use OTT Video Services

New video research from Parks Asso­ciates finds more than 85% of mil­len­ni­als in U.S. broad­band house­holds sub­scribe to at least one OTT video ser­vice. This research comes from Parks Asso­ciates' OTT Video Mar­ket Track­er, which includes an exhaus­tive analy­sis of mar­ket trends and pro­files of OTT video ser­vice providers in the U.S. and Cana­da, such as Net­flix, HBO, YouTube and Ama­zon. The Track­er fea­tures a new way to blend com­pa­ny pro­files with indus­try research data and analy­sis of com­pet­ing play­ers' strengths and weak­ness­es in the space.

Travel Agents can Appeal to Millennials’ Music Taste to Promote Travel Destinations

Lead­ing online trav­el agency eDreams, which has a pres­ence in 33 coun­tries includ­ing the U.S., has revealed that music real­ly strikes a cord in the hearts of Amer­i­can tourists.

Targeting the 59% of the U.S. Population Who Use Streaming Devices

Who are the mem­bers of the 65.3 mil­lion U.S. house­holds that own devices that can stream con­tent from the inter­net to a TV?

Are Your Misconceptions of Radio Hindering Your Ad Campaigns?

Why aren’t adver­tis­ers giv­ing radio the cred­it it deserves, espe­cial­ly when con­sid­er­ing reach­ing out to younger gen­er­a­tions? Here's why radio is a good addi­tion to any ad cam­paign.

Streaming Opens Channels for More Music Consumption

"On aver­age, Amer­i­cans spend just over 32 hours a week lis­ten­ing to music in 2017, up 5.5 hours over last year," Nielsen reports. "How is this pos­si­ble? Tech­nol­o­gy. At home, at work and trav­el­ing in between, peo­ple are con­sum­ing more music than ever before, from more devices."

TV Time Shifters Spend as Much Time Viewing as Working and Sleeping

Rovi Cor­po­ra­tion released phase-two find­ings from a spon­sored sur­vey of pay-TV and over-the-top con­tent sub­scribers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The study uncov­ered trends in view­er behav­iors relat­ed to dis­cov­ery, search, and rec­om­men­da­tions for enter­tain­ment con­tent and pro­gram­ming.

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