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There are 100 Billion Customer Types. Go Figure.

There are billions of “Customer Types.” Want to sell them all? You can do it in five words: Look, Question, Listen, Harmonize, Practice.

Are You Making the Most of Your Leads?

To be a superior seller, you have to be willing to dig deeper and ask more questions. The willingness to explore topics with prospects could mean the difference between a good-enough and a blow-out year.

Tips to Stop Prospects From Making Bad Decisions

Have you ever been in a situation where an important client is making a bad decision? What should you do next?

Try These Unconventional Techniques to Build Trust

Distrust of sales reps is high, and according to HubSpot research, only 3% of people trust a salesperson.

The Purpose of Your Sales Call

Having a noble selling purpose will earn you a good reputation among your clients and they’ll be more willing to hear/buy from you again. So, ask yourself, “Does my selling purpose go beyond making a profit?”

How Empathy Can Boost Your Position with Prospects

Empathy shines brightest when things go wrong. Your client is feeling frustrated, mad, and a whole slew of other negative emotions, but most of all, she’s worried that you won’t care enough to fix the problem quickly.

7 Times When Less Is More in Selling

In selling, there are times when a minimalist approach is needed. Minimalism is a term used in art to describe the bare essence of a subject. To express something in minimalist form, the artist eliminates all non-essential elements.