Author: LisaRigsby


Here's How to be a Better Sales Coach

Are your team members asking you to be a better sales coach? Think about the types of sellers you have on your sales team.


Are You A Compassionate Leader?

It’s not hyperbole to say the world has changed significantly since my last manager’s memo to you in March. More than ever, you must focus on being a compassionate leader.


5 Steps to Achieving Goals

The past year has been full of changes. There have been new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.


Finding The Right Person Is Hard, Here’s How To Keep That New Hire

We all make mistakes; I know I do! And when mistakes happen, I own up to them and view them as learning experiences.


Behavioral Questions to Ask During Interviews

Have you used behavioral questions during interviews? Let’s face it, we’ve all hired bad employees.


Do You Have A “Know It All” On Your Team?

Before I became a manager, I was tasked with helping train a new co-worker. I showed him the ins and outs of some of our processes and was met with a series of “Yeah, I know that,” or “Yeah, I’ve tried that.”


How to Stop the "I'll Get Back You" Stall

What percentage of your sales calls end in a price negotiation? Or, the dreaded “I will think about it and get back to you?”


Are You Teaching Your Salespeople What The Ideal Customer Looks Like?

The sales cycle is a marathon, not a sprint. From that first cold call to the fresh ink of a signed contract, there are hundreds of variables at play, which means potential problems loom around every corner.


Don't Be Afraid To Change

It was Benjamin Franklin who said that nothing in this world is certain except death or taxes. But in reality, we should really add change to that list.


Do You Know The Difference Between Managing and Coaching?

To be an effective leader, you need to know the difference between managing and coaching. Outwardly, the roles appear to be similar, but in practice, they are drastically different.