Is Sales Management A High-​Level Sales Process?

BY Lisa Rigsby
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Is sales management a high-​level sales process? I think you would agree that one-​on-​one coaching sessions with salespeople are very important. I also think you would agree that it can be very hard to keep up with it all, especially if you have a larger team. 

A High-​Level Sales Process

To make things easier on myself, I outlined a few steps to create a routine for each session. I am a gal who likes a good process, finding it easier to follow a routine with predetermined steps rather than winging it.

  1. Notice the little things. In every interaction with each individual, pay attention to what motivates them and what sends them running. This is how you interact with friends and family and why they respect you. 
  2. Prepare yourself and ask them to be prepared. Preparing yourself is easy if you take good notes. Review your notes before each one-​on-​one to see what you asked them to do in the last meeting. Open your meeting with a recap of the last one. 
  3. Avoid a full pipeline review. I like to focus on a “Get-​Grow-​Keep” model. Choosing three top accounts to review will allow you to coach them through the sales process, which is much more effective than discussing their entire pipeline and it keeps you engaged in a high-​level sales process. 
  4. End your meeting with buy-​in questions. To keep them on the right track, leave 10 minutes for honest engagement. Ask them if they understand and agree with everything you discussed and ask for feedback. Look for excuses in their feedback so you can overcome them before the next meeting.
  5. Send them a recap and schedule the next meeting. It is always the responsibility of the manager to set the meetings and send the recap. Take notes as you go along and email them as soon as you’re done talking. If you are having trouble with accountability, you might ask them to reply, “I agree,” or “I need more clarification.” 
  6. Do it all over again!

If you think about it, this is like the process that we all follow when managing our own book of business. It’s a high-​level sales process. 

I’m sure business would be booming if all we had to do was manage our team and not be wrapped up in so many other facets of business. If you have a sales coaching solution, I encourage you to use it. If you don’t, click HERE to see how SalesFuel COACH can change your one-​on-​one sessions and help your revenue boom!