Author: Rachel Cagle

Families More Likely to Buy SUVs Over Vans

The results of's 2020 3‑Row SUV Challenge are in. "Today's large family vehicle of choice is the three-row SUV. Most families who seek a minivan alternative are increasingly moving toward purchasing them because they offer generous seating, spacious cargo areas and advanced features," said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief of Cars​.com.

Restaurants and Retailers to Promote Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Health-Conscious Consumers

"Americans are drinking less beer, encouraged by trends like Dry January. But brewers are trying to use the month long sobriety challenge to promote their beer, reports CNBC."

Nearly Half of Consumers Prefer Mobile App Rewards Redemption

"Results of a new survey indicate increasing consumer demand for a specific type of access to retail loyalty programs, reports Chain Store Age."

Who is Still Heavily Swayed by Newspapers, Radio and TV?

Have your clients given up on traditional media advertising? While it’s true that digital is streamrolling its way to the top of the advertisement food chain, traditional still sways particular audiences.

Rachel Cagle January 17, 2020 Media + Marketing

3 Tips to Earning More Survey Responses

Surveys can be troublesome. It takes so much time and energy to create and edit them to perfection and get them sent out that it’s depressing if you don’t get many responses. Even worse, you won’t be as well informed about your clients’ needs and wants if you don’t get responses.

Realtors Should Promote Top Services to Set Client Expectations

Century 21 Real Estate released data from its new real estate industry survey that has uncovered significant insights into what the home buying / selling process is like for Americans, as well as trends that the company believes will influence the industry in 2020.

Convenience Stores to Promote Freshness and Cleanliness to Sell More Food

"As convenience store operators rise up in the foodservice echelon, and the lines between channels continue to blur, all foodservice retailers represent some form of competition to c‑stores, says Chain Store News."

Programmatic Digital Display is a Triumphant Underdog

Demand for programmatic advertising has skyrocketed over the past seven years.

Rachel Cagle January 15, 2020 Media + Marketing

Home Furnishing Retailers to Promote On-Trend Items

"Today the millennial cohort is out-earning any previous generation at a comparable age, largely due to this generation being more highly educated than any other. And they are finally putting that greater spending power toward an investment in homes, reports Forbes."

Cold Weather Means Higher Demand for Dry Skin Solutions

With winter's toughest weather on its way, Americans are turning to the web for answers about resolving their dry skin as the temperature drops. From weather conditions like harsh winds to common behaviors like increasing the temperature on the thermostat, winter often causes a rise in flare-ups of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and just flat-out dry, itchy skin.

Save Time: What Sales Pitch Information is Most Important?

There’s an overwhelming amount of sales pitch information you can gather before meeting with a prospect. Spending too much time researching one prospect can overload your mind with data you may not even use AND take away time you could be spending proactively preparing for other sales.

Rachel Cagle January 13, 2020 Preparation, Sales Tips

Easy Returns can Boost Online Clothing Sales

"52% of consumers have abandoned an online purchase out of fear of a difficult return process, reports Chain Store Age."

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