Author: Rachel Cagle

Retailers Targeting Male Activewear Shoppers

"The men’s activewear market is growing faster than the women’s in the U.S. despite overall growth in women’s sports participation, reports Chain Store Age."

Radio Content is Keeping Quarantined Americans Entertained

COVID-19 is continuing to force more Americans into quarantine and they’re looking for ways to keep themselves occupied. They’re bored, and they’re turning to media as a solution.

Doctors to Help Older Patients Resolve Allergy-like Symptoms

"It’s easy to blame sniffling or sneezing on seasonal allergies. But such symptoms can also be caused by year-round triggers — such as mold, dust mites, or pet dander — rather than by seasonal pollens, (Allergies are the immune system’s reaction to something it mistakenly sees as dangerous.) says Consumer Reports. You may also be dealing with viral rhinitis (better known as a common cold) or another nonallergic form of rhinitis, which refers to inflammation and irritation of the nasal passages that typically results in runny nose and congestion."

Should You Make That Follow-Up Call? (Here's why the answer is always yes)

Did a promising lead slip through your fingers and you’re not sure why? Ask yourself one question: Did I make a follow-up call?

Retailers to Promote Ease of Making Purchases Via Voice

"With Siri, Alexa and Google voice assistants, help is just a command or question away. The convenience with such technology should be appealing to consumers."

Is There a Clear Differentiator Between You and Your Competition?

Have you ever thought about how difficult the decision-making process is for your clients? Yes, your product or service could solve their present need to a T at a good price, but a handful of other companies also meet those qualifications. So, what makes you stand out as the obvious choice for your prospects?

Retailers to Promote Smaller Luggage Options to Travelers

"Functional and travel-focused products have been bright spots in the accessories industry over the past few years. According to The NPD Group, 2019 revealed an increased consumer emphasis on lightening their load as U.S. dollar sales of carry-on luggage grew 3% and sales of larger sized suitcases declined nearly as much."

Combating the "It's Too Expensive" Objection

It’s too expensive.” This is probably one of the main roadblocks you encounter during your sales meetings. Is your product or service actually too expensive?

Restaurants to Promote Their Soft Drink-Inclusive Mixed Drinks

"Given the growing health and wellness movement among U.S. consumers, conventional wisdom would suggest that soft drinks would suffer. But in reality, the opposite is happening, particularly in the alcoholic beverage space, according to Nielsen."

Could Affiliate Marketing Work for Your Clients?

Has your client been teetering on the edge of the fence between sticking with their old advertising efforts and giving affiliate marketing a try? The push they need could be the fact that, last month, affiliate sales were up 4% from March 2019.

Private Jets to Promote Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

"The effects of Coronavirus are being felt across the travel industry, but as commercial aviation is hit hard, the private jet industry is booming with inquiries., reports LunaJets."

Doctors to Promote Blood Pressure Management Services to Americans Ages 45+

"In the past two years or so, many Americans suddenly found themselves faced with hypertension, says Consumer Reports. For some 31 million, it wasn’t an abrupt surge in blood pressure that put them in that category. It was the result of a new definition of high blood pressure from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in 2017."

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