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Kara Felton HVAC

AdMall’s Co-op Report Helps Close $150,000 HVAC Ad Sale

Kara Felton, account executive for Spectrum Reach, had been selling media for only two years when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like other sales reps, her strategies immediately shifted and that was no more evident than when she approached a local HVAC dealer.

EmilyMarone Auto Service Center

Amid Pandemic, AdMall Blogs Help AE Pivot Auto Service Center Ads

WHMI account executive Emily Marone knew she had to take a new approach when targeting new clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marone has been the company for 14 years, spending ten years on-air before shifting to an account executive role for the past four years. She started using AdMall recently.

Eric Cooper Attorney Cox Media

Attorney Buys Radio Advertising After Digital Audit Shows Poor Online Presence

A local attorney was struggling to advertise their business when Cox Media account executive Eric Cooper came across them.

Derek VanDeven_siding

AE Closes Siding Contractor Radio Sale Using AdMall’s Market Intelligence

MacDonald Broadcasting Company account executive Derek VanDeven is new to media sales. Having only sold it for a year, he was still getting his footing in the industry when he called on a small roofing and siding business in his market.

Sarah May_pools

AE Closes Pool Services Ad Sale Using AdMall’s Prospect by Month Tool

Sarah May, a marketing strategist for Smart​.Market, was well aware of the challenges that awaited her when the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year.

Neha Jolly school

Account Intelligence Helps Shift Charter School Advertising Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Neha Jolly, digital account executive for Viamedia, recently called on a charter school business in her local Phoenix market.

Patrick Wendell roofing

AudienceSCAN Report Convinces Roofing Company to Venture into Digital Ad Space

Patrick Wendell, digital marketing specialist for LOCALiQ, approached a roofing client that had only purchased print advertising, with the idea of branching out to the world of digital.

John Canfield clinic

AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report Closes $114,000 Contract with Mental Health Clinic

When McClatchy account executive John Canfield became aware of a regional mental health clinic that was seeking to raise awareness of its brand and treatment methods, he immediately knew how to help.

Leah Harrelson RV dealer

AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Data Leads RV Dealer to Renew $65,000 Contract

Spectrum Reach Account Executive Leah Harrelson was facing new obstacles when she recently switched companies, moving from selling print advertising to selling cable TV. Harrelson knew it wouldn’t be easy, but that AdMall would be there to assist her when she approached a local RV dealer.


Sell Smarter Award Highlights Digital Audit and AudienceSCAN

Hi. I'm Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to this month's featured Sell Smarter Award — where we honor excellence in media sales.

Furniture Brittany Smith

Media Sales Rep Uses AdMall to Move Furniture Store into the Digital Age

Account Executive Brittany Smith, of The Statesville Record & Landmark, wanted to help out a current furniture client who was having issues expanding into the world of digital advertising. Smith had fostered a relationship with the business in the past for some of their print advertising and knew what they meant to their community.

Danielle McNeely Carpet

AdMall Data Convinces Owner of 30-Year Carpet Business to Advertise for First Time

Danielle McNeely, a multi-media specialist with the Statesville Record & Landmark, has been using AdMall since August of 2017, and in less than three years, she has been a Sell Smarter Award winner five times. She knew by having AdMall’s suite of sales tools at her disposal when approaching a local carpet and upholstery cleaner, she was going to close the deal.

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