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Here's A New Way to Use Social Media When Selling

Social media isn’t just a great tool for making online connections; there’s major opportunity for sales reps to do valuable research using social networks.

Social Selling: How To Get Started

Social networks are great for keeping up with friends, but how can businesses harness social's power for selling? While a lot of businesses have a presence on social networks, many aren’t using them to their full advantage in terms of selling.

Top Hacks to Achieve Extreme Productivity

Regardless of the system your manager uses to mark success, the rainmaker is always ahead of you. And you’re not sure why this happens because you’re a super hard worker. Right?

B2B Sales Productivity: 5 Sales Hacks You Can Afford

Every minute matters. When you’re in sales, your productivity can swing up or down based on how you manage the minutes.

How to Score Better Prospects by Optimizing Data Mining

Is your manager leaning on you to do more prospecting? To bring those leads down the sales funnel and close the deal in record time?

Up Your Game on LinkedIn to Score More Leads

Is everyone, especially your boss, telling you to pick up the pace of your prospecting? It’s not easy to network, especially at trade shows and conferences, where folks are more interested in where the best after-hours parties are going to be.

Boost LinkedIn Response Rates With These 2 Tips

If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, are you happy with your response rate? If not, a couple simple tweaks to your strategy can have a big impact.

The Key to Closing Business With Social Media

The key to closing more business using social media is knowing HOW to close the business. What happens when your social media starts to work?

How to Use LinkedIn to Load Your Pipeline

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of leads for sales reps; they just have to know how to use it efficiently. With over a billion users, the social network can be used for so much more than just casual networking.

Are Your Social Media Skills Helping You Close More Deals?

Social media can be a double-edged sword. You can score more sales if you know what you're doing, or you could lose an important client because of a careless error. Clark Owen tells you what you need to know to make the most of these tools.

Social Media Brings the Leads You're Looking For

Social media might be the right tool for you to cultivate new leads in the New Year. Prospects you're targeting might be willing to engage in a survey, an online game or listen to a presentation you make in real time — all with social media tools.

LinkedIn is Great for Business – er, I Mean SMART Business.

I am NOT a LinkedIn expert, but I do have more than 26,000 LinkedIn connections and almost 30,000 followers. How many do you have?