Does Your LinkedIn Summary Show Competitive Selling Skills?

BY Tim Londergan
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LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. It is also a stellar sales resource and a place where you can showcase your competitive selling skills. Interestingly, most sales reps simply scour their network looking to target their next outreach campaign. Often, they are seeking a likely prospect but give little thought to how LinkedIn can be much more than a prospecting tool. In fact, when sellers embrace LinkedIn as a personal branding device, their results improve exponentially. Eventually, they understand how to win at the game of sales.

Feature competitive selling skills in your LinkedIn headline

The LinkedIn headline is the leading section of your profile where you have 120 characters to entice readers to get to know you. Essentially, it’s your opportunity to show the world what you are capable of and what you do. Tristen Taylor, writing for HubSpot, shares tips for crafting this online first impression and how it separates you from the other 800 million LinkedIn users. Beginning with your job title, the approach is to devise the right wording, tailored to your audience, that states your unique value proposition. This winning sales strategy highlights your competitive selling skills to leverage your company’s products or service.

What is competitive selling?

According to Molly D. Protosow, a sales training strategist, competitive selling is a combination of mindset, competition and positioning. These three elements work in concert to demonstrate how passionate and well-​positioned you are to meet the needs of your prospect. Protosow cites analysis of sales conversations that details when discussions of competitors should occur in the sales cycle. Additionally, she addresses how to properly position yourself and your company to convince prospects that you are the right choice. You can work on developing competitive selling skills by studying the competition’s offerings and being the principal advocate for your personal brand.

Tips for competitive selling

It all begins with knowledge and passion. According to the Indeed Editorial Team, knowing the competitive landscape that your prospects must navigate will give you a significant competitive edge. A SWOT analysis of others in your industry allows you to position your offering in its most favorable light. Using the powers of comparison and the characteristics of distinction can make your product more desirable than others. Helpfully, the Indeed team presents other tips to help develop your competitive selling skills. Here are just a few:

  • Your history of success – Customer testimonials are a wonderful addition in your LinkedIn summary. Have current or former clients provide recommendations. Urge them to speak of your professionalism, your product knowledge or your role in their success. 
  • Positioning your product – This is where your market research pays off. Confidently, you can position your product as the superior choice and how your company can serve the client more efficiently. Again, this will be an integral part of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Be the information source – Becoming the sought-​after expert in your industry is an enviable position. It’s one that is not easily earned. However, when you achieve accolades from colleagues and clients supported by LinkedIn, you can help your customers make better informed decisions.

Exploit LinkedIn keywords

Crafting a compelling headline, tailoring your profile to your audience and securing client testimonials will mean little if your prospects can’t find you. Importantly, you must use the right keywords to get more traffic. Stefan Smulders provides formulas for writing a headline that can feature your competitive selling skills and honor the valuable keywords. You want to draw the eyes of your target whether they are prospects or recruiters. You want them to know you and your capabilities and why they should contact you.

Taking this kind of action is another way to increase your sales credibility.

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