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What to Do When a Client is Angry

It’s happened. One of your clients is upset. How you handle bad situations is going to determine whether your client will decide to continue giving you their business.

3 Ways to Control Customer Service Expectations

The effectiveness of your customer service strategy is rooted in your clients’ expectations of you, but how can you balance what you have to live up to?

Are You Guilty of Making These Customer Service Mistakes?

These common customer service mistakes could be costing you clients. Here's what they are and how to fix them.

Could Your Company Pass a Random Customer Service Test?

How would your company fare if your customer service was randomly tested without your knowledge? Based on SuperOffice's research, not well.

3 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Client loyalty is accompanied by a slew of benefits such as stellar recommendations and not having to struggle to find someone new to make sales to. Here's how you can inspire such loyalty.

Here's Your New Secret Customer Service Weapon and How to Use It

Nearly everything is customizable now-a-days, so why are we acting as if customer service doesn’t have to be any different?

Are You Applying These 4 Key Tips to Your Customer Service Plan?

An effective customer service plan is the dividing line between the greats and the mediocre. Which side are you on?

How to Inspire Client Loyalty

Who is easier to work with: someone you already do business with or someone new you haven’t found yet? Exactly. Maintaining your relationships with existing clients is imperative to your business, especially when it comes to making sales.

Stop Losing Customers With These 5 Simple Retention Tactics

All businesses rely on their customers to be successful. Your marketing efforts may excel at attracting new customers, but other aspects of your business might be KILLING your retention rates!

Retailers to Increase Customer Retention Promotions

As we enter the all-important holiday shopping season, retailers are struggling with a big problem: customer loyalty. A new survey from RSR Research shows that retailers are looking for ways to retain customers and increase loyalty. This trouble may stem from retailers not understanding who their best customers are though top performers claim to have solved this problem and are already rolling out more customer-centric approaches.

Too Much Excellence?

It’s no secret that client retention is important.

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