3 Ways to Control Customer Service Expectations

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The effectiveness of your customer service strategy is rooted in your clients’ expectations of you. If you don’t live up to those expectations, you can’t expect your clients to stick around, or give you stellar reviews online or by word-of-mouth. So, how do you balance what you have to live up to? Here are a few tips from Oisin Ryan’s article, “4 Customer Expectation Management Strategies to Improve Customer Experience.”

  1. Be Honest

The easiest way to manage your clients’ expectations of your service is to tell them straight up how your service works. Lay out your strategy for them and show them what all the benefits are. If they like and are satisfied with it, great. If they don’t, well, here’s where point two comes in …

  1. Customize It

If you work with your clients to make individualized customer service strategies for them, you’ll both know exactly how much give and take is expected from each of you. Not only that, it will show each client that you view them as an individual person with specific needs and wants that you are willing to attend to. Now, you can control your client’s expectations AND make them feel special and valued.

  1. Under Promise

Now, this doesn’t mean underselling yourself. You still need to promise your clients enough service-wise that they’ll want to do business with you. However, keep it at that: just what they need to be satisfied. That way, the circumstances when you go above and beyond in your service to them won’t be expected. Instead, those moments will be more of a pleasant surprise to your clients. Your unexpected service level will show them that you care about providing more for them when you can, but at the same time, it won’t be something that is expected of you 24/7.

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