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I Spy a Sale

Remem­ber play­ing I Spy when you were a kid? Before the tablet age, this was a clas­sic par­ent­ing tac­tic to keep chil­dren enter­tained dur­ing a long car ride or a grown-up meal in pub­lic.

First Impressions Are Made Sooner Than You Think

You've vet­ted the com­pa­ny, iden­ti­fied their areas of need, how you can help them, and researched who may be present in the room that can block or sup­port your move. But have you researched your­self?

12 Lessons from Uber — How to Transform and Dominate Your Marketplace

Nine years ago Uber rev­o­lu­tion­ized the pub­lic trans­porta­tion indus­try, and for­ev­er trans­formed the way it does busi­ness.

How to Succeed as a First-Time Sales Manager

Jen­nifer Gluck­ow, founder of Sales in A New York Minute, knows a thing or two about sales. She’s also a first-rate man­ag­er with plen­ty of street cred.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

It is easy to become dis­cour­aged when you con­stant­ly hear the word “no” in your pro­fes­sion. If rejec­tion is an ongo­ing part of your job, you have to come up with solu­tions, rather than excus­es.

Are you the Best?

It’s your first week, and your man­ag­er says to the ten new-hires, “Look around the room, only one out of every ten peo­ple will be here in the next 36 months.” Will you be the one?

The “art” of selling – the permanent TO DO

While sales with­out sales­peo­ple is pos­si­ble, sales­peo­ple, you includ­ed, have the pow­er to make a sale that will lead to long-term, reoc­cur­ring or mul­ti­ple sales, if you mas­ter the art of emotionally-connected sell­ing.

Wrong Address Equals Sale

I had every rea­son to be mad. There I was, stand­ing in the mid­dle of Man­hat­tan, strug­gling to hold my lap­top, pro­jec­tor, hand­bag, and books. I was about to give a huge pre­sen­ta­tion, and I’d arrived 45 min­utes ear­ly.

Manage Smarter 16 — Jennifer Gluckow: Tips for Young and First-time Managers

Jen­nifer Gluck­ow is an author and founder of Sales in a New York Minute as well as host of a YouTube Chan­nel of the same name. In episode 16, Jen­nifer dis­cuss­es how age plays a role in the work­place and uses her pro­fes­sion­al expe­ri­ence to share her advice for young man­agers and first-time man­agers.

It’s ruff out there. How are you being “treated” and how are you treating others?

Here are the things Char­lie does that gives me hap­pi­ness, reflec­tion, love – and ideas to pass on to sales­peo­ple. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat lover, or nei­ther, here are Charlie’s life lessons and sales lessons:

February is the Month of Romance. Love Yourself?

Let’s use Valentine’s Day as a les­son. What’s love and emo­tion got to do with sales, suc­cess, career, and life?

Sales lessons are business lessons and ethics lessons in disguise

Don’t con­vince any­one to buy some­thing that doesn’t work for them, and always help them find the BEST solu­tion for them­selves, so when they leave they can’t wait to tell all of their friends.

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