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How to Sell More Ad Space By Connecting Clients With Partners

If your clients are looking for a good way to increase sales, they might want to check out marketing partnerships. In the digital era, technology has changed the way traditional partnerships work.

Traditional Media to Account for 60% of Local Ad Spending This Year

Earlier this year, BIA Advisory Services predicted at least 55.3% of marketers would maintain ad spending while 25.2% would increase spending. In the firm’s updated forecast this month, analysts say that ad spending in the local media marketplace will amount to $148.8 billion.

Summertime is Screen Time for Most Consumers

Are your clients holding back on their ad buying because they don’t think consumers see their messages during the summer? This misconception is common.

62% of Marketers Say Traditional Advertising Remains A Priority

For traditional media sellers, the details from the World Federation of Advertisers’ new State of Advertising report might sound too good to be true.

Advertisers Shift Spending to Traditional Media When ROI is Right

We all know that digital ad spending is likely to surpass spending on traditional media formats this year. By 2023, say eMarketer analysts, projected digital advertising will amount to 66% of media spending.

Over Half of Holiday-Related Purchases to be Made Online

The level of holiday-related sales in November and December can mean the difference between annual profit and loss for most retailers. This pattern of market activity also holds true for online retailers.

Why Your Clients Should Plan For Mind-Part When Buying Video Ad Placements

For decades, marketers purchased TV advertising with the idea of day-part in their minds. In the era of TV everywhere and anytime, industry experts believe marketers should develop some new ways of thinking about advertising.

Why Your Clients Should Try Sequenced Ads

Do consumers pay attention to online ads these days? After all, many viewers know that, on streaming video, they are going to have to watch the same ad up to five times during a single program.

AdMall Co-op Funding Intelligence Wins Over a New Client

When a new salon moved in downtown, Brittany Smith, an account executive at the Statesville Record and Landmark, heard that it was off to a rocky start.

Traditional Ad Market Doing Better than Expected

It’s not every day that analysts revise their projections up for media buying in traditional advertising formats. That’s what happened this week.

TV Ads Driving Web Traffic and Revenue for DTC Brands

More companies are seeing the wisdom in starting their operations online before they set up bricks and mortar locations. In today’s crowded marketplace, these businesses need to reach consumers with messages about the products and services they offer.

Over 80% of Big Businesses Lack Local Market Expertise

Big marketers know they have a problem. They must connect with shoppers in local markets in this era of authenticity.

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