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Advertising the Best Times to Book Holiday Travel

When it comes to book­ing air­fare, com­mon sense says to plan ahead in order to get the best deals. But the sweet spot for flights can vary, with sea­son­al­i­ty, trav­el dates and oth­er fac­tors all influ­enc­ing price.

Hotels to Promote Their Quality Beds to Business Travelers

Accord­ing to a new sur­vey from lux­u­ry bed­mak­er DUX, only about one-third (34%) of Amer­i­cans say they sleep bet­ter in a hotel room. The sur­vey was con­duct­ed online by The Har­ris Poll for DUX from June 18–20, 2019, among 2,060 U.S. adults.

State/National Parks to Promote Environmentally-Responsible Vacations

"A recent Ipsos sur­vey con­duct­ed to help inform the Flori­da Keys Nation­al Marine Sanctuary’s future deci­sions exam­ined Amer­i­cans’ pref­er­ences for the types of vaca­tions they like to take. Vaca­tion­ers great­ly enjoy spend­ing their time off with their fam­i­ly or friends first and fore­most with 84% report­ing that they were either cur­rent­ly plan­ning or becom­ing more inter­est­ed in tak­ing a vaca­tion to spend time with fam­i­ly or friends. Out­side of who they vaca­tion with, Amer­i­cans were most inter­est­ed in vaca­tions that involved expe­ri­enc­ing nat­ur­al envi­ron­ments and their wildlife (71%), nation­al parks (71%), or archi­tec­tur­al or his­toric sites (68%)."

Retailers to Promote Specialty Camping Accessories

"In the U.S. sales of camp­ing acces­sories and equip­ment have remained sta­ble, up 0.2% for the 12 months end­ing March 2019 com­pared to the same time­frame year ago, accord­ing to The NPD Group. How­ev­er, sales of camp acces­sories that bring the com­forts of home to the great out­doors have steadi­ly increased, account­ing for most of the growth."

Doctors to Promote Vaccines to International Travelers

"If you're plan­ning a sum­mer trip over­seas, you may be pre­oc­cu­pied with book­ing air­fare and find­ing lodg­ing, but cer­tain des­ti­na­tions require an extra step of plan­ning: trav­el vac­cines."

Travel Agencies Can Prevent Lodging Disasters

"Accord­ing to Con­sumer Reports, ful­ly 59% of trav­el­ers in a recent sur­vey of 2,000 Amer­i­cans con­duct­ed for AIG Trav­el said they’d been on a trip that didn’t go as planned."

Hotel Bars to Cater to Travelers’ Need to Unwind

"Alco­hol has long been embed­ded in Amer­i­can cul­ture, from the bar to the home to the brew pub and beyond, reports Nielsen. When we think about how and where Amer­i­ca will drink in the com­ing years, we need to con­sid­er today’s on-the-go, frag­ment­ed con­sumer land­scape. The bedrock of trav­el stay is the hotel, where oppor­tu­ni­ties remain to up the ante in the alco­hol indus­try."

Charities to Target the 27% of Consumers Who Volunteer on Vacation

With tem­per­a­tures warm­ing up across the coun­try, the count­down to sum­mer trav­el sea­son has offi­cial­ly begun. This year, as trav­el­ers start scout­ing out des­ti­na­tions, they're pick­ing places where they can feel good and do good at the same time.

Hotels to Promote Friendly Accommodations for Pride Celebrations

With April act­ing as the unof­fi­cial kick off to Pride sea­son, rec­og­nized annu­al­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly through­out June, now is the per­fect time to start plan­ning a trip around the upcom­ing 2019 Pride fes­tiv­i­ties. Trav­el­ers plan­ning a trip to cel­e­brat­ed Pride des­ti­na­tions includ­ing Los Ange­les, Chica­go, Wash­ing­ton D.C., San Fran­cis­co and New York City can browse hotels, book­ing tips and itin­er­aries.

Travel Businesses to Target the 69% of Americans Desiring Internet and TV-Free Vacations

Many have said it and many more have thought it and sev­en in ten Amer­i­cans (69%) say that some­times, an iso­lat­ed cab­in in the woods with­out inter­net and cable TV seems like the per­fect lifestyle. Here's why.

46% of Americans Think Travel Agents Add Value to Trips

The vast major­i­ty of Amer­i­cans (75%) would con­sid­er work­ing with a trav­el agent to plan their vaca­tions, while some 27 mil­lion trav­el­ers plan to do so just with­in the next year, accord­ing to new research from AAA Trav­el. The out­look remains pos­i­tive for years to come, with younger trav­el­ers embrac­ing the exper­tise of trav­el agents. In fact, mil­len­ni­als are just as like­ly as baby boomers to say they are plan­ning to use a trav­el agent for a trip in the next 12 months.

Lack of Vacation Linked to Depression in 30.4% of Americans

Amer­i­cans suf­fer­ing from a "vaca­tion deficit" are near­ly two times as like­ly to show signs of mod­er­ate­ly severe to severe depres­sion com­pared to the nation­al aver­age, accord­ing to the tenth annu­al Allianz Glob­al Assis­tance Vaca­tion Con­fi­dence Index. "Vaca­tion deficit" iden­ti­fies those who think that a vaca­tion is impor­tant but are not con­fi­dent they will take one this year.

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