AdMall-​Fueled Proposal Nabs Yearlong Contract

Sell Smarter Danielle McNeely

Challenge: Convince an established business to change course

Danielle McNeely, a multimedia specialist from the Statesville Record & Landmark, faced a tough challenge when approaching an outdoor power equipment dealer in her area. The company had been courted many times in the past by sales reps, but the owners were always quick to say no. This was due in part to the two-​person ownership team, who were notoriously difficult to get through to.

However, like many local businesses, this one was having trouble reaching the target demographic. The problem was they didn’t see it that way and couldn't figure out why sales weren’t higher. This was all due to the SEM campaign set up to run through Google that was not producing desired results

Solution: Showcase AdMall tools and SEM services

McNeely utilized two specific tools within AdMall to approach the task. “I used the Peak Sales Months and the Opportunities/​Challenges slides in this specific presentation,” said McNeely. “I was able to target what months we needed to really boost their advertising efforts using AdMall research.” 

From McNeely’s point of view, a key takeaway from this story was to make sure her client was properly informed. “My favorite part of AdMall is the Opportunities/​Challenges slide. I learn so much from those and can further educate my clients.”

The ad campaign proposal was accepted. McNeely sold the company her newspaper’s Find-​it-​Local program, bundled with SEM, which puts a directory page on local websites, as well as manages listing services on more than 300 search, mapping and GPS sites.

Result: Long-​term deal pays off for everyone

According to McNeely, the feedback on her AdMall-​assisted pitch was swift. “I was able to get him to sign a 12-​month contract in our first meeting. Their sales have increased. They were able to move their old inventory and bring in some newer models.”

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro is the Client Success Manager for SalesFuel. He is responsible for the onboarding of all new AdMall clients and aids in client training. He holds a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University.