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Is a Digital Transformation Your Next Strategic Move?

If you’ve been one of the naysayers about the business world’s transition to digital, you might want to read the writing on the wall again. At this point, that writing is in BOLD FACE – 48 POINT TEXT. Go digital before it's too late.

Sales Presentation Pointers To Calm Nerves

Do you still get butterflies before giving a presentation? While it’s completely normal for newbies and veterans alike, anxiety over public speaking can still rattle the nerves enough to make salespeople dread presentations.

Using 'Uncommonality' to Uphold Accounts

When you're focused on managing your current accounts and retaining the relationships you've built, you focus on remembering what you have in common with each client. Do you not? I advocate this practice – especially if you're logging conversations and fun facts in a notebook to remind yourself.

Are You Coaching or Micromanaging?

Are you micromanaging your employees? Looking over their shoulders, scheduling meetings to review policies and procedures and making sure they’re toeing the line? Big mistake, cautions Michael Abrashoff.

Why do some persist and some quit? Because…

Is there a secret to follow-up? No. Is there a best way to follow-up? No. Why do people quit too soon? Big question. Why do you quit too soon? Bigger question.

Does That Failing Employee Deserve a Second Chance?

You’ve caught one of your employees playing online poker again instead of working. It might be time to let that employee go. Or maybe you should you give him a second chance.

For the love of sales, not the love of money

Do you love sales? Do you love what you do? These are not questions I pulled out of the air. These are questions that directly affect your productivity, your attitude, your income, your success and your fulfillment.

What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Where does marketing end and sales begin? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it’s a question many managers wrestle with. It's also one of the biggest obstacles to getting your sales and marketing efforts in alignment.

Sales Managers: Are You Playing "Dirty?"

Did you ever stop to consider your own behavior as a sales manager? So often, managers never think to reflect on their own attitudes and actions when auditing their teams and work environments.

It’s not failure. It’s failure to do your best.

I’m often asked, “Why do salespeople fail?” The answer is: They don’t fail. They fail to be their best. They fail to do their best. They fail to think their best. And they fail to take the best actions to help them succeed.

Sell Yourself to Your Self

Let’s talk about your self-talk. Yup, I know you talk to yourself. We all do. It’s actually really healthy if done right. But most of us don’t do it right. Do we? We are our own worst critics inside our heads. While being realistic with yourself is crucial, being too harsh is detrimental.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Super-Boss?

No manager wants to end up as the maligned character in the movie Horrible Bosses. To avoid that fate, check out the Harvard Business Review article penned by Sydney Finkelstein who shares the 'Secrets of the Super-bosses.'

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