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Depth of brand = depth of success. How deep is yours?

How deep is your brand? You can say anything you want about Amazon, but you cannot doubt the power and the depth of their brand.

The Customer Service Strengths That Lead to Retention

With help from the article, “10 Must-Have Customer Service Skills (and how to identify them),” by Vitaliy Verbenko, here are some traits you need to have if you want your service to reach client retention status.

Are You a Positive Sales Influencer?

Why don’t more salespeople influence more positively and effectively? In some situations, it’s a lack of skill set. In more situations, it’s about mindset.

Show me the value, or I’ll show you the door

How do you make a sales presentation? No I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, overcome objections, close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation?

Asking for Advice Can Make you Look Competent

Seeking advice from others is a great way to grow as a salesperson, and you can ensure that others are willing to help by following Inc.’s tips.

Are You Using Words That Make Clients Question Your Honesty?

It’s important that the language you use reflects your true self–and your honesty. If you're not sure of today's red-flag words, read Minda Zetlin's advice.

You cannot ignore the present. It’s where your sales are!

My sales perspective flies in the face of traditional selling. And it’s not just a disruption, it’s the new
gitoway of sales. What’s your perspective?

Reps: Are You Using Vulnerability to Boost Sales?

You don't always have to come across as a confident, smooth-talking person to make the sales. In fact, showing your vulnerability can often get clients and prospects to open up. Jay Feitlinger explains how it's done.

Communicating Value — Getting People to Buy

There are six questions your prospects want answered before they buy. If you miss one of these questions, you jeopardize the selling opportunity. Let’s look at each question and why it is important to the buyer.

Build Trust When First Meeting a Prospect

In sales, it’s important to build trust quickly, preferably during the first meeting with a prospect. Unfortunately, many of these first conversations fall flat, which is a missed opportunity for a potentially lucrative relationship.

Before and After — The Power of Networking

The secret sauce of networking is manufactured before the meeting starts, and is used during the meeting to attract and engage, and after the meeting is over to engage and connect. Powerful sauce, eh?

Tough sales issues, and not so tough (but not so easy) answers.

The 3.5 biggest issues facing salespeople today are: 1. Price integrity. 2. Customer loyalty. 3. Fighting hungry competition. 3.5 Quality, attitude, and belief of the salesperson.

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