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SalesFuel BIA Kelsey sales enablement platforms

Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success

Sales team performance impacts the corporate bottom line. New data-driven sales enablement platforms assist sales leaders with onboarding, training & motivating salespeople. They give companies control of turnover, so they can deliberately focus on the most productive members, improving retention. Learn about them in this free white paper from BIA and SalesFuel.

Automotive Marketing Messaging White Paper: 2016–17 Shopper Profile

New SalesFuel survey of car buyer purchase intent shows deals and incentives are rarely buying triggers. SalesFuel’s free white paper also shows dealer reputation can make or break the sale.

New White Paper: Ten Ways Media Sales Managers Are Preventing Sales

From SalesFuel’s 2016 State of Media Sales study, we’ve identified 10 of the things that many media sales managers are doing to prevent sales – instead of increase them. How does your team compare? Download the free white paper and find out.

New white paper “The Best Salesperson I Ever Had” identifies top six traits found in sales superstars

Small business owners speak to best salesperson they ever had: six points of differentiation that caused these salespeople to stand out from all the rest.

Beth Frederick January 4, 2016 White Papers

Co-op 101 White Paper from AdMall

New White Paper: The Basics of Co-op Advertising Sales

Co-op advertising is back in fashion again among media sales reps — especially as it pertains to digital. Our AdMall team has created this four-page "quick notes" style white paper to introduce your reps to the concepts, benefits and pitfalls of using co-op funds to pay for additional advertising or digital marketing services.

Beth Frederick December 5, 2015 White Papers

State of Media Sales White Paper

New Study & White Paper: Local Media Growth in Digital Threatened by Google and Facebook

32% of media sales/executive managers finding it harder to compete with digital pureplays than just one year ago WESTERVILLE, Ohio (March 19, 2015) — The just released white paper that expands on the 2015 State of Media Sales™ survey from MediaSalesToday​.com shows the continued upward trend of media sales revenues from digital. 51% of media […]

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