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American State of Credibility Survey by Credibility Nation, SalesFuel and Behavioral Resource Group

Special Report: The American State of Credibility

As our nation struggles with the challenges of contentious politics, a pandemic- induced recession, and calls for introspection on issues of social justice, we wondered how U.S. adults perceive their peers, their co-workers and professionals who help to shape our lives. Our curiosity led us to launch our inaugural American State of Credibility survey. Has America become more credible or less credible in the past year? What percentage of Americans exhibit credibility in what they say and do? What professions are the most credible — and the most dubious? And how do salespeople stack up?

7 C's of Pre-Call Intelligence for Credible Salespeople | Sales Preparation | Sales Research | Sales Credibility

Free E‑book: The 7 C's of Pre-Call Intelligence

In his book, “SalesCred,” our CEO C. Lee Smith writes that sales credibility is how the buyer qualifies (or disqualifies) the seller. Credibility is the very thing that determines whether the buyer replies to your email, agrees to take a meeting or decides they want to do business with you. Nowhere is this more evident to the buyer than the amount of effort the salesperson puts into pre-call intelligence. Download this free ebook to learn what you need to know to be seen as credible by prospects and existing accounts.

Managers as Coaches - ATD Research sponsored by SalesFuel ATD

Special Report: Managers as Coaches in High Performing Organizations

Most organizations expect their managers to coach direct reports, with 75 percent expecting it of all managers and 15 percent expecting it of only some managers. Expecting all managers to coach had a significant connection to being a high performing organization. This report provides new findings from the Association of Talent Development sponsored by SalesFuel. This research identified many strategies and practices with statistically significant relationships to organizational effectiveness.

The Media Seller's Guide to Cyber Monday and Cyber Week 2020

The Media Seller's Guide to Cyber Week 2020

This holiday shopping season will be different than any other. Our AudienceSCAN research shows that 32% of U.S. adults are Cyber Monday Shoppers. They won’t just be buying from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, but to win their shopping budget, marketers must be in the right place, at the right time, with the right products, using the right offers and media. Download this free white paper to learn why it's imperative to help your local accounts to "sell everywhere" this holiday season with both traditional and digital marketing efforts with tips on where to focus.

Get a Free Chapter of SalesCred - The Sales Credibility Book

Get a Free Chapter of C. Lee Smith's New Book "SalesCred"

Get a free chapter of the new book SalesCred by International Bestselling business author C. Lee Smith. SalesCred reveals how salespeople build (and lose) credibility with the things you say and do every day. You’ll learn the secrets of building your sales credibility, so you can attract higher-value accounts, gain greater access to the real decision-makers, and sell from a position of strength. It also gives you the leverage to avoid dropping your price when budget is hard to come by.

Free Chapter of Hire Smarter, Sell More! by C. Lee Smith

Get a Free Chapter of the Amazon Bestseller "Hire Smarter, Sell More!"

Hire Smarter, Sell More! by SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith is a great guide for sales managers, as well as recruiters, who want to hire smarter and increase their bottom line. And you can download a chapter of Hire Smarter, Sell More! at no charge.

This book shows you how to: identify potential hire performers that will elevate the results of your sales team; avoid derailing your efforts by hiring a toxic salespeople that will stir up drama and drag down the productivity of others; and remove unconscious personal hiring bias through the science of behavioral analytics.

2020 State of Media Sales: COVID-19 Special Report

2020 State of Media Sales: COVID-19 Special Report from AdMall

In this COVID-19 Special Report media sales managers share their thought about the current state of media sales. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Many are optimistic about the economic recovery awaiting the country in coming months. And many media salespeople are adapting to the challenge. Don’t let yourself and your sales team be caught unprepared. Learn when and where to look for recovery and growth with the State of Media Sales 2020 Whitepaper.

Selling Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Special Report from AdMall

Special Report: Selling Media During the Pandemic

As a media seller, you might feel like your entire income stream is at risk. As many of your clients are closing their doors or suffering significant business impact because of the coronavirus outbreak, your first instinct may be to pull back. But this is the LAST thing you should do! Yes, it’s bad out there. However, going into hiding is NOT a survival strategy.

Remember that the first objective of sales professionals is to help your clients, and they need your help now more than ever. So it is critical that you stay focused and productive during these trying times.

Download our Selling Media During the Pandemic whitepaper now to learn how!

White Paper: Selling Digital Marketing Services to Local Businesses

Local ad spend on mobile and social media advertising is projected to hit $1.8 billion by 2023, underscoring the need for local businesses to develop campaigns in a range of formats. Decision-makers, especially in smaller businesses, realize they don’t have the expertise they need when it comes to digital marketing. In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll learn who is buying digital marketing services and how they're buying. New research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study reveals how to sell to these buyers, especially for social media management and mobile.

Hire Better Salespeople. Avoid Toxic Troublemakers . Get The 13 Types of Toxic Salespeople ebook FREE!

Free e‑book: The 13 Types of Toxic Salespeople — and How to Avoid Hiring Them

Hiring an employee who turns out to be toxic can cost the company lost sales, higher rates of sales rep turnover, and turmoil. Research shows that 4% are sociopaths and nearly one out of 12 people have frequent toxic behavior. In this book, we offer a glimpse at 13 types of toxic personality types we’ve identified in the workplace for sales teams.

We have ordered the chapters by the most difficult and problematic, the Jungle Fighter, to the least likely to be problematic, the Martyr. Using documented case studies, we also outline the steps you can take to address toxic behavior and restore harmony to your organization.

Selling to Millennial Decision Makers white paper from SalesFuel

White Paper: Selling to Millennial Decision-Makers

Members of the first digital generation are increasingly showing up in the C‑suite. In fact, today’s B2B buyer is more likely to be a millennial.

In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll discover that although every millennial is different, new research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study finds this generation has tendencies that are significantly different from their predecessors. You’ll discover how the buying process differs, the importance of marketing and social media, which salesperson behaviors can make the sale – and which will kill a sale — with this new generation of decision-makers.

20 Ways to Refuel Yourself from SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith

White Paper+Video: 20 Ways to Refuel Yourself

Does every lead you get lately look like crap? Has your creativity dried up? Your energy drained? Are your co-workers always getting on your nerves? And your sales numbers starting to suffer?

Your gas tank could be running low and you’re well on your way to burnout. And nobody wants to buy from a low energy salesperson who doesn’t exude energy, passion and confidence. Here’s 20 ways to get rid of the mental JUNK that’s causing your FUNK.

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