Consumers Driving Big In-​Store Revenue Increases

BY Kathy Crosett
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Consumers definitely like the convenience of online shopping, but they’re not giving up on their favorite local stores. During these good economic times, consumers are spending plenty of money at specialty stores and at their local malls. Several new studies reveal which sectors are drawing customers into stores. 

Last month, Valassis issued its Purse String Survey, which pinpointed the reasons female online shoppers go into stores. Here are their findings:

  • Want to see and touch items in person 70%
  • Need items immediately 66%
  • Coupons are available for in-​store use 65%
  • Want a browsing experience in nice environment 41%
  • Want to talk to a salesperson 17%
  • Want access to a personal shopper 5%

The survey also found that over 95% of value-​seeking consumers go to traditional stores to purchase apparel, footwear and accessories.  These findings are supported by new U.S. Department of Commerce figures. Overall, retail and food service sales increased 5.35% during the first six months of 2018, compared to the same time period last year. Jewelry stores have seen sales increases of over 13% and men’s apparel shops reported a 9.4% bump. It seems that men are out shopping more than women and children as sales increases in those specialty stores have been lower than the average increase.

Similarly, a Monetate report indicates that the back-​to-​school sales channel is still all about traditional stores. When dads are tasked with shopping for school supplies, they head straight to a traditional store. That’s because 28% of them want to talk to a salesperson. Perhaps they want assurance that they’re purchasing the right supplies. Your clients can keep the momentum going by advertising the availability of supplies throughout the school year.

The strong economy is also sending more consumers to traditional hardware stores. These outlets report consumers spent 12.5% more from January to June than they did last year. Homeowners are eager to shop for supplies they need to freshen up landscaping. And, homeowners apparently prefer to get those supplies from a trusted local retailer who understands what works regionally. And while they’re in the store, industrious homeowners are likely picking up supplies for house maintenance projects they’ve been putting off.

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