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3 Steps to Achieving Higher Sales Goals

Are you hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing the sales goals you set for your­self at the begin­ning of this year? You’re not alone. It’s not just exer­cis­ing goals that tend to fall to the way­side as the year goes on; many goal set­ters often leave their inten­tions in the dust as well.

Are You Killing Your Sales by Being on Autopilot?

After you’ve found what works in the major­i­ty of sales sit­u­a­tions, you tend to stick with it. Why mess with a tac­tic the works a good amount of the time? Because it will get old, that’s why; to both your clients AND you.

Why You Need to Update Your Sales Process NOW

Take a moment and think about your sales process. When was the last time it was updat­ed or tweaked? Many reps still fol­low a tra­di­tion­al sales process despite chang­ing buy­er habits.

Is How Often You're Apologizing Killing Your Potential Sale?

Every­one makes mis­takes. And, yes, an apol­o­gy should be the first thing your client hears from you after such an occur­rence. How­ev­er, if you keep apol­o­giz­ing after that point, it will pro­long the issue and poten­tial­ly make it seem worse to the client than it ever real­ly was.

Is the Way You're Speaking Killing Your Sales Pitch?

There’s a lot that can go wrong over the course of your sales pitch. Your own speak­ing habits make up one of those fac­tors. Here's how not to dri­ve clients away using only your voice.

Three Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Increase Sales

You may know your products/services back­ward and for­ward, but if you're mak­ing these three sales mis­takes, you may be sab­o­tag­ing your sale.

3 Tips to Help You Close That Sale

Meet­ing with a poten­tial client soon? Here are three quick tips to keep in mind to help you close your next sale.

Sales: The Game of Reference Points

When mak­ing a deci­sion, we often come up with a few options and com­pare them to see which we’d rather choose. Your poten­tial clients’ process­es are like­ly the same.

Prep for Success: 4 Tips to Better Your Next Sales Pitch

Prep­ping before mak­ing a sale is the dif­fer­ence between suc­cess and utter fail­ure. Here are some aspects you should review before your next pitch.