Wandering Mind? 5 Ways to Improve Concentration


How often do you find your mind wandering when you have a million and a half things to get done? If you are constantly flitting between tasks or finding yourself daydreaming, your productivity is suffering. To help you get back on track, Harvey Mackay shares 9 ways to train your brain to concentrate better in his post on Bizjournals​.com.

  1. Time Management – Killing time is suicide, according to Mackay. Once lost, time can never be regained. So take advantage of the time you have. Organize and plan so you can work efficiently and effectively.
  1. Environment – Consider your surroundings at work. Are people constantly dropping by to chat? Is there are lot of distracting noise? If you have a door, don’t be afraid to close it! If not, use “do not disturb” signs, purchase noise-​cancelling earphones, or do whatever else is necessary to make your work environment work for you.
  1. Take notes – You may pride yourself on remembering things, but save your brain the stress and take notes instead. Once written down, you can see everything you have to get done and create a better plan of attack. And, the less you have to remember, the freer your brain will be to concentrate.
  1. REST! – Sleep is perhaps the most effective tool in your arsenal. A well-​rested mind is a more productive mind. So make sure you are getting enough sleep. And going along with this topic, make sure you unplug from work too. Your mind needs time to do more than sleep and think about work and ‘to-​do’ items.
  1. Conquer Procrastination – How do I procrastinate? Let me count the ways! Social media, email, text, working on less important but easy tasks first, frequent trips to the break room, reading articles/​websites that don’t apply to the task at hand, singing to my tunes…the list goes on and on, and I’m sure yours does too. Again, do whatever it takes to remove procrastination temptations from your workzone.

The key to better concentration is learning to focus solely on one thing at a time. Try implementing these 5 tips and learn to block out the clutter. Once you master concentration, you gain complete control over yourself and can only then maximize your potential!

Amanda Levin

Amanda Levin

Amanda is the Director of Operations at SalesFuel. She previously specialized in major accounts research and digital marketing trends for SalesFuel Today. She holds a Bachelors in Media Studies from Ohio University.