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How to Match Presentation Style with Body Size

Have you ever envied someone who owns the stage when she’s making a presentation? Chances are, she know how to match her style with her body size. You can learn this trick, too.

To Become a Master Salesperson, Master NON Selling Skills

Everyone talks about “how to sell.” Not me. I stress “why they buy,” or “how to get people to buy.” It’s a much more powerful success model.

Uncovering your own secret of selling… Why YOU buy!

Think about the last few things you purchased. They hold the secrets to increasing your sales.

Top Hacks for Selling to the ‘Nightmare’ Prospect

Is there anything worse than knowing you’ve got to sell to ‘that’ prospect – the one who chews sales reps into little pieces before they’re five minutes into a meeting with her? These kinds of prospects are enough to make you rethink your career choice.

Should You Drive Prospect Buying with Emotion or Intellect?

When selling, should you appeal to a buyer’s emotion or intellect? If you think intellect is the answer, read on to find out why you may be wrong.

Use this Simple Tip to Influence Others

Using a buyer’s first name may be just the kind of personal touch that will get them to say ‘yes,’ according to an article from the Rapid Learning Institute by Dave Clemens.

Did You Say Something to the Client that You Regret?

Blowing up at prospects, clients or co-workers will damage your career unless you actively manage adversarial situations as Michael Mamas describes.

How to Win Prospects Over With A Story

Telling a story can be a unique and effective way to engage a prospect–have you tried this strategy? If not, the idea of becoming a storyteller may be a bit intimidating.

How to Communicate With Different Types of Clients

In sales, you are going to come across a wide range of personality types, and it would be to your advantage to know how to effectively communicate with more than one type.

Emphasize This Trait for A Great First Impression

When making a first impression, should you strive to establish yourself as skilled and experienced or likeable and trustworthy?

Psychological “Hacks” To Boost Conversions

When making your next deal, you may want to consider subtly using the power of psychology to sway the decision of a prospect.

Do You Have The Sales Trust Factor?

Trust me! I cringe when I hear a professional or salesperson use that offensive phrase. My guard goes up. My intuition kicks in and says, “Danger. danger, pay attention!  If you have to tell me to trust you, I won’t.” Trust levels plummet when professionals use that term. Another cringe-worthy offender I should mention is

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