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More Americans Want to Buy Vehicles Post-COVID-19

"The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world with both swiftness and might. No industry has been immune to its impact, including the automotive sector. Despite forecasts predicting a decline in light passenger vehicle sales for the year (25- 30% in the U.S. and 20 — 25% globally), there is some potential good news on the horizon for the auto industry," says Ipsos.

Car Cleaners

Car Cleaners to Promote Non-Harmful Disinfecting Services

"The New England Journal of Medicine did a study on how long novel human coronavirus survives on a range of surfaces," reports Car Wash Magazine. "The report concludes coronavirus can exist on stainless steel and plastic for two to three days. Another study listed in the Journal of Hospital Infection surface tested several nasty viruses including SARS. It concludes the viruses can live on ceramics, metal, glass, rubber, and plastics for two to nine days. These are the same materials used inside a car."

Auto Repair Services

Auto Repair Services to Promote Long Term Savings When Consumers Maintain Vehicles

Working from home and social distancing isn't good for our cars. "A car parked for extended periods risks the battery losing charge, tires gaining flat spots, rubber components such as belts and wipers drying out, and critters taking residence in your engine compartment," says Consumer Reports.

Public Transport

Disinfectant Products in Demand for Public Transport Users

"At this stage of the coronavirus pandemic, anyone who doesn’t have an essential reason to leave the house should be staying home," says Consumer Reports. "But what if you still need to travel and don’t have a car of your own? Shared vehicles present unique risks when it comes to protecting riders and drivers."

Used Car Shoppers

Used Car Shoppers Want Clean, Sanitary Vehicles

Car sanitation is a service that is imperative to the automotive industry due to the money being lost to persistent, unwanted smells, says Expertly Sanitized.

Private jets

Private Jets to Promote Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

"The effects of Coronavirus are being felt across the travel industry, but as commercial aviation is hit hard, the private jet industry is booming with inquiries., reports LunaJets."

Rideshare Companies

Rideshare Companies to Promote Cost Savings Compared to Buying/Owning a Vehicle

As per the report circulated by the experts the scope of the global Ride Sharing Market was priced at US$ 6.68 billion in 2017. This is expected to reach US$ 11.94 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 7.5% during the period of forecast, reports Million Insights.

Car/Booster Seats

Retailers to Promote Car/Booster Seats for Different Ages

"Parents should not rush to transition their growing children to the next stage of child car seat — such as moving from a harnessed seat to a booster — because each change could mean a step down in safety, Consumer Reports’ child safety experts say."

Car Service Products

Retailers to Promote Car Service Products Drivers May Have Overlooked

"Sure, an air freshener, "Back Off" mudflaps, or a bumper sticker may be fun, but there are far more practical ways to cater to auto enthusiasts, says Consumer Reports."

Car Subscription Services to Affluent

Dealerships to Promote Car Subscription Services to Affluent Consumers

"As technology continues to disrupt the auto industry, innovation such as ride sharing apps, electric vehicles, and car subscriptions will completely transform the sector, reports Ipsos. In fact, by 2022 the car subscription market is set to grow by 71%."

Families More Likely to Buy SUVs Over Vans

Families More Likely to Buy SUVs Over Vans

The results of's 2020 3‑Row SUV Challenge are in. "Today's large family vehicle of choice is the three-row SUV. Most families who seek a minivan alternative are increasingly moving toward purchasing them because they offer generous seating, spacious cargo areas and advanced features," said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief of Cars​.com.

69% of Americans Consider Used Vehicles While Shopping

69% of Americans Consider Used Vehicles While Shopping

69% of Americans would be likely to consider a used vehicle for their next auto purchase, according to a survey from Ally Financial conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 American adults.

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