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Restaurants to Promote Their Soft Drink-Inclusive Mixed Drinks

"Given the growing health and wellness movement among U.S. consumers, conventional wisdom would suggest that soft drinks would suffer. But in reality, the opposite is happening, particularly in the alcoholic beverage space, according to Nielsen."

Janitorial Companies to Promote Their Services to Small Businesses Amid Virus Outbreak

"The coronavirus outbreak is not only impacting consumer shopping patterns, reports Chain Store Age. Retailers across the board, have upped their store cleaning regiments and taken other precautionary measures to protect shoppers and employees from the coronavirus outbreak."

Restaurants to Promote Father's Day Dining

"Every year, Americans look forward to treating their dads on Father’s Day and retailers offer up a variety of gift options that create new memories. NRF has been conducting its annual Father’s Day survey with Prosper Insights & Analytics since 2003 to see how Americans celebrate dad on his special day."

Grocers to Promote Rotating Healthy Prepared Meal Offerings

"Chicago-based research firm IRI finds that retail foodservice has added $1.79 billion in sales to grocery stores since 2015, but as the category matures, growth has declined. The most robust year-over-year growth of 7.85% in 2016 has slowed to 2% growth in 2019. The challenge for grocery store operators is to regain previous growth rates and take even greater steps forward as we enter a new decade, says Progressive Grocer."

Retailers to Promote Store Credit Cards to Millennials

"Millennials have been the major spenders, and that trend is expected to continue, according to the TD Bank Retail Experience Index. According to TD’s research, Millennials were the generation to make the most major purchases in the last year — four on average — and are the most likely to make another major purchase, defined as a purchase of $500 or more, in the next six months, says HFN Digital."

Retailers Boost Sales to Millennials with Social Responsibility Messaging

"Millennials have some very specific preferences when it comes to shopping and making returns, says Chain Store Age."

Retailers to Promote Self-Help Books

"The self-help books category has experienced continued and solid growth in recent years. In fact, it has nearly doubled in size since 2013. Unit sales of self-help books have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11% since 2013, reaching 18.6 million in 2019, according to global information company The NPD Group."

Price is the Top Influencer of Male Consumers

"It appears that male shoppers are very price-conscious, reports Chain Store Age. Price is the number one consideration for men when it comes to making a purchase, according to a study of men’s shopping habits by daVinci Payments."

Flooring Retailers to Promote Options that can Take a Beating

"For coziness in a living room, dining room, or den, nothing looks better than a shining hardwood floor graced with an area rug or two, says Consumer Reports. But for practicality in a highly trafficked hallway or kitchen, hardwood takes a beating. It doesn't stand up terribly well to everyday assaults like dropped pots, dragged furniture, cleats, claws, and clonking clogs."

Airport Layovers can Mean Increased Sales for Stores and Restaurants

"While bankruptcies and store closures have become all too common for brick-and-mortar retailers, one physical marketplace is flipping this narrative: airports."

Airlines to Clarify Rules for Flying Pets

"If you thought it was complicated to fly with your pet, you’re right, says The Washington Post. Just like traveling with family members, it can be stressful and confusing to coordinate your flights together. For our furry friends, getting in the air is not as simple as buying a ticket and showing up to the airport, even if you’re only traveling within the country. There can be certificates to obtain, medicine to be prescribed and fees to pay."

Convenience Stores to Promote Freshness and Cleanliness to Sell More Food

"As convenience store operators rise up in the foodservice echelon, and the lines between channels continue to blur, all foodservice retailers represent some form of competition to c‑stores, says Chain Store News."

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