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58% of Consumers Open Emails with This Content in the Subject Line

Love them or hate them, emo­jis are com­mon­place now. But they’re unpro­fes­sion­al, right? Shouldn’t they remain in the mes­sages in your per­son­al life where they belong?

Not Sure How to Advertise to Gen Z? Here's a Crash Course

Not only does Gen­er­a­tion Z have buy­ing pow­er, they’re very open about every­thing they like and broad­cast those opin­ions on all the plat­forms they’re a part of. So, it’s about time your clients got this gen­er­a­tion on their radar.

Here’s How Young Luxury Product Shoppers Make Buying Decisions

"Mil­len­ni­al and Gen Z con­sumers are embrac­ing lux­u­ry fash­ion. The aver­age lux­u­ry con­sumer in these gen­er­a­tions owns nine lux­u­ry fash­ion items across acces­sories, appar­el, and footwear, accord­ing to A Mil­len­ni­al Approach to Lux­u­ry, a recent report from The NPD Group and Styl­i­tics. But, they have a dif­fer­ent style when it comes to the pur­chase jour­ney. This younger lux­u­ry con­sumer favors the con­ve­nience and exten­sive brows­ing abil­i­ty afford­ed to them by online shop­ping, but also appre­ci­ates the lux­u­ry in-store expe­ri­ence."

Realtors to Target the 59% of Gen Zers Who Want to Buy Houses

"Gen­er­a­tion Z is eager to get on the prop­er­ty lad­der. Fifty-nine per­cent of Amer­i­cans between the ages of 18 and 23 want to buy a house in the next five years, and more than half have already start­ed sav­ing for one, accord­ing to a sur­vey by Bank of Amer­i­ca Corp."

Are Your Clients' Mobile Ads Displaying at the Best Time of Day?

Let’s tell the truth. We are a nation of screen watch­ers. We’re look­ing at our phones con­stant­ly, even when we’re watch­ing our TVs at night.

How to Update Your Management Style for Gen Z Workers

They’re ambi­tious, high­ly edu­cat­ed and want to par­tic­i­pate as indi­vid­ual con­trib­u­tors at work. Does this descrip­tion sound famil­iar?

Here's How to Motivate Your Younger Employees

Are your youngest employ­ees feel­ing unmo­ti­vat­ed? The lat­est Deloitte Mil­len­ni­al Sur­vey reveals that work­ers under age 35 want spe­cif­ic actions from the lead­ers who run their places of employ­ment.

How to Target Gen Z With Sports Marketing

Male mem­bers of Gen­er­a­tion Z (con­sumers ages 13 to 21) are fol­low­ing sports, just not the ones you would typ­i­cal­ly expect.

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Potential Investment Mistakes Scare 69% of Americans

Accord­ing to a new sur­vey from Ally Invest, the online trad­ing and auto­mat­ed invest­ing arm of Ally Finan­cial Inc., near­ly two-thirds of sur­vey respon­dents (65%) say they find invest­ing in the stock mar­ket to be scary and/or intim­i­dat­ing, up from 61% in a sim­i­lar sur­vey dur­ing the same peri­od last year. Fear is high­est among Gen Z and mil­len­ni­al con­sumers: 69% for those ages 18–23 and 66% for those ages 24–37.

Is Your Online Reputation Costing You Gen Z Dollars?

You may think of mil­len­ni­als as the dig­i­tal gen­er­a­tion. But have you ever stopped to con­sid­er Gen Z, whose pur­chas­ing pow­er is grow­ing with every pass­ing year?

89% of Americans Shop at Discount Stores

"Almost all U.S. con­sumers are val­ue-con­scious shop­pers who reg­u­lar­ly vis­it dis­count retail­ers to find a bar­gain, accord­ing to the lat­est issue of the quar­ter­ly Con­sumer View report released by the Nation­al Retail Fed­er­a­tion."

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